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Wednesday, 29 Nov 2023

About CCF

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  About CCF


MANIT Bhopal Central Computing Facility provides seamless gigabit network connectivity to the entire campus that connects all the Academic Departments, Hostels, Central Library, Administrative Departments, Teaching Blocks, Research Centres, Building Section and Residences with Tier-3 managed architecture. Internet access is provided by two dedicated Internet links of 1 Gbps. 


Institute's Central Computing Facility (CCF) is now equipped with smart racks having:

  1. High-Performance Computing cluster (HPC)
  2. VMware Virtualization cluster
  3. NVIDIA DGX A100 


  • CCF-HPC:
    • HPC has the ability to process data and perform complex calculations at high speeds for scientific research. 
    • HPC facility has a total of 400 CPU Cores comprised of 8 compute nodes and 2 GPU nodes that provide the performance of 25.6 TFLOPS and 29.8 TFLOPS Rpeak respectively.
    • The upper memory limit of 1920 GB RAM along with a 120 TB SAS-based storage system.
    • The nodes are connected with InfiniBand interconnect to support more tightly coupled parallel applications.


  • CCF-Virtualization: 
    • The Virtualization cluster will help to create and host new servers with the desired web services for the betterment of the Institute facilities.
    • Virtualization Cluster is divided into categories i.e. Gold (4 Nodes) and a Silver (9 Nodes) clusters having Dual Intel Xeon gold 5220 (18 cores x2 i.e.Total cores 36, Memory 256 GB / node) with 2.20 GHz frequency and Dual Intel Xeon Silver 4214 (12 cores x2 i.e. Total 24 cores, Memory 192 GB / node) with 2.20 GHz frequency respectively.


  • CCF-DGX A100: 
    • Universal system for all kinds of AI workloads—from analytics to training to inference.
    • Compute density of packing 5 petaFLOPS of AI performance or 10 petaOPS INT8 into a 6U form factor.
    • GPUs: 8x NVIDIA A100 Tensor Core GPUs.
    • GPU Memory: 40 GB x 8 i.e. 320 GB in total.
    • System Memory: 1TB.
    • System Storage: OS: 2x 1.92TB M.2 NVME drives Internal Storage: 15TB (4x 3.84TB) U.2 NVME drives.


Central Computing Facility (CCF)