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The Department of Bioinformatics, as a full-fledged department, got segregated from the Department of Mathematics in the year 2010. As an amalgamation of mainly three streams, Mathematics, Computer Science and Biology, the department makes it possible to do exciting things such as compare DNA sequences, pattern recognition and generate results that are potentially significant.It has highly experienced and skilled faculty members working in various areas of computational biology and fulfilling the requirement of the students. Besides the existing Masters program M.Tech.(Bioinformatics), the department introduced one more Masters program, namely M. Tech (Computational Systems Biology) in the year 2012. It has Bioinformatics Infrastructure Facility (BIF) provided by Department of Biotechnology, New Delhi.


The department is to emerge as a multidisciplinary unit bringing mathematicians, computer scientists and biologists on one platform to solve the complexities of the living system.


To develop mathematical and computational approaches to understand mechanisms of life processes.

Department is offering M. Tech course since 2006.


Starting Date

M.Tech (Bio Informatics)

   July 2006

M.Tech (Computational Systems Biology)

   July 2010


dr pardasani

Dr. K.R.Pardasani

Designation: Professor 

Qualification: B.Sc., M.Sc., Ph.D.

Research Area: Computational Biology, Bioinformatics


Phone: 0755-4051552

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MCA  Namita

Dr. Namita Srivastava

Designation: Professor & HOD

Qualification: M.Sc., Ph.D.

Research Area: Financial Mathematics


Phone (R) : 0755-4051553

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madhvi shakya

Dr. Madhvi Shakya

Designation: Professor 

Qualification: M.Sc.,Ph.D

Research Area: Biomathematics, Computational Biology

Email: madhvishakya[at]yahoo[dot]co[dot]in,hodmathematics[at]manit[dot]ac[dot]in

Phone :0755-4051554

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MCA das

Dr. Sujoy Das

Designation: Professor

Qualification:MCA PhD

Research Area:  Information Retrieval Object Oriented Analysis & Design

Email: sujoydas[at]manit[dot]ac[dot]ind_sujoy[at]hotmail[dot]com

Phone:  0755-2670417 Ext. 1453

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usha chouhar

Dr.Usha Chouhan

Designation: Associate Professor

Qualification: B.Sc.,M.Sc.(Mathematics gold Madelist),M.Phil(ComputationalMathematics),PhD (Bioinformatics)

Research Interest: Biomathematics,Computational Biology & Bioinformatics,CADD

Email: ycchouhan[at]gmail[dot]com

Phone: 8989161687

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K C Verma

Dr.Chandan Kumar Verma

Designation: Associate Professor

Qualification: M.Sc., NET (Lectureship), Ph.D.

Phone No.: (Resi) Ext-2148 (Off): 1556

E-mail: verma_chandan[at]rediffmail[dot]com

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Manoj jha

Dr.Manoj Jha

Designation: Assit. Professor

Qualification : M.Sc., M. Phil, SLET, Ph.D

Specialization: Portfolio Optimization 

Phone No.: (Resi) : 0755-2686105 (Off): 1557

E-mail: m_jha28[at]rediffmail[dot]com

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jai prakash

Dr. Jai Prakash Jaiswal

Designation: Assit. Professor

Education and Career (Experience) :M.Sc,JRF(NET), Gate, Ph.D (BHU)

Phone No: 0755-4051558

E-mail:  jpbhu2007[at]gmail[dot]comjaiprakashjaiswal[at]manit[dot]ac[dot]in

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