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Tuesday, 05 Dec 2023


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  1. Dr. Manisha Dubey
  2. Dr. Jyoti Singhai
  1. Giribabu
  2. Dr. Lalita Gupta
  3. Dr. Sangeeta Nakhate
Student Cordinator
  1. Vedanti Deshmukh
  2. Shyam Fagun
Student Co-Cordinator
  1. Akshat Jain
  2. Anmol Gupta
  3. Vivek Chauhan
  4. Anant Ojha



The Institute of Electrical and Electronic Engineers (IEEE), world’s largest professional association inspires a global community through its highly cited publications, conferences, technology standards, and professional and educational activities.

The IEEE–MANIT student branch was inaugurated on 14th March 2011 with Dr. Shailendra Jain as the Branch Counsellor and Dr. R K Baghel as the Branch Mentor. The IEEE Student Branch at MANIT endeavours to promote awareness among students on the opportunities that exist in the field of computer science, electronics and electrical engineering. IEEE MANIT helps students develop their professional and technical abilities by organising various events all-round the year with well-defined objectives. Since the inception, it has been at the helm directing and promoting technical expertise.

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Our objective is to bridge the gap between industry and students studying in technology-related fields, while promoting and providing an intellectually stimulating university environment for the student body. IEEE MANIT Student Branch aims to provide an interactive platform for students to develop professional and technical abilities that benefit both the individual and society.


The Student Branch elects its Executive Committee annually. The Branch Counsellor, Mentor and Faculty Advisors form the guidelines and implements the selection process.