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Saturday, 28 Jan 2023


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Dr. Ravi Dwivedi


Dr. Chandan K Verma, Dr. Jyoti Rani, Dr. Neha Kolhe
Function Organize inter department cultural programme/Garba night/other institute dance and music progrmme.

About -
"Roobaroo is the cultural society of MANIT. A nexus of the variegated talent of the college, Roobaroo provides a platform for individuals endowed with artistic abilities, ranging from music, dance, art, anchoring, writing, designing and theatre to other unconventional talents. Established in 2008 by creative enthusiasts, the society has grown significantly in the period, and in prevalent times, organises several events. Monthly live dance and music sessions, titled 'GIG-A-NIGHT' are held to facilitate a platform for honing local talent and to provide entertainment to the youth body. Selections for the society are done through annual audition events, entitled 'TICKET TO ROOBAROO’. The society also performs in the celebrations of Republic day, Independence day and Engineers' day. Teams of artists from Roobaroo also participate in Inter-college cultural events and fests."