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Monday, 05 Dec 2022


Message from Director

Alumni are the basic constituent and important stakeholders of any higher educational institute. Alumni are life-long family members of the institute and constitute a great force by virtue of their wisdom, innovative minds and ideas, working in the diverse fields at various geographical locations across the world. As its esteemed alumni, you are also aware that Maulana Azad National Institute of Technology is one of the leading institutions of national importance in the area of technical education, which was formerly known as Maulana Azad college of Technology (MACT). MANIT/MACT has produced many technocrats, entrepreneurs, scientists, role models etc in last many years.

MANIT, Bhopal recognizes the potential role that an alumnus can play in fostering its growth and thus initiates an ‘MANIT/MACT Alumni Coordination Cell’, a central body that would commence and coordinate all alumni activities. The cell encourages the alumni to take abiding interest in the progress and development of Alma Mater. By establishing this cell, I also offer my sincere gratitude to the students of Alma Mater and I wish that our relationship foster strongly in the coming future. I look forward to your valuable thoughts on how you can contribute in this endeavor by sparing some of your valuable time and expertise to the benefit of your Alma Mater and to the community at large.

I once again would like to thank you and hope to receive positive feedbacks very soon.

Director, MANIT. .

A Message from the President

We are pleased that a MANIT Alumni Cell was established by the college administration in 2013, more than 53 years after the college opened.  The MANIT Alumni cell is structured to function in a similar manner as the alumni associations of other major educational institutions in India such as IITs and IIMs. 

I am deeply honoured to have been appointed as the very first President of the MANIT Alumni Cell and I can assure you that I will put my best efforts to make this endeavor a successful one. We have assembled a group of highly skilled alumni who have offered to invest their skill, initiative and time to work for the benefit of our Alma mater through the Alumni Cell.

It is essential that the Alumni Cell organization begins on a solid footing. Therefore, a broadly-based working committee has been created to start organizing the operations of the Alumni Cell. This working committee will be responsible for achieving the goals and objectives of the Alumni Cell. The appointed working group will provide guidance and leadership to the new Alumni organization, and it will shape the direction of the organization for the first elected Executive Committee and office holders expected in 2019.

I invite all alumni members to contribute their thoughts and ideas to make the MANIT Alumni Cell a great success. I thank everyone who has helped launch our Alumni Cell.

 Ragini RVR