Faculty In-charge   :   Dr. Vinita Mohindra

Function                  :   News Letter Magazine

About -

Drishtant is a community dedicated to bringing together like-minded individuals who yearn to break the chains of mediocrity and strive for excellence. It is a knowledge sharing community where anyone can step up and let their voice be heard. 
Formed in 1996, Drishtant has evolved from being just the literary society of Maulana Azad National Institute of Technology, Bhopal (MANIT, Bhopal) to a versatile society today, which endeavours for the all round development of an individual by building confidence, improving verbal skills, harnessing creativity and inducing all such qualities that are essential for having a good personality, and all this is implemented by events which involve active participation of a person, apart from being a lot of fun and providing a healthy interactive environment.

Today Drishtant is experiencing an awakening of sorts. Unlike before, when we were a purely literary society; we now aim at personal growth and exploration. Our endeavour is grounded in the development of a more confident, creative MANITian in you. 
Come and join the revolution today.