Faculty In-charge   :   Dr. Vinita Mohindra

Function                  :   Conduct literary competition and Institute Magazine

About -

What is this ‘Eminence’ you might be wondering. To some, it’s just a random newsletter that pops in from under their doors once in a while. But to those who have been reading it for a while, they know very well what it is. And that is our purpose right now… familiarizing you with who we are and what we do.
It was started by a group of five II year students from MANIT, Bhopal in 2008 who wanted to change the way the young minds think. Hurdles were many in the initial stages but the team never lost focus and determination and continued to fight all odds coming their way. Their efforts bore fruit when the first edition was published on 9th February, 2009.
If you’ve ever looked at a copy of the newsletter you must have observed that all of its contents revolve very much around a student’s life. That is our prime objective. The rest comes later.
Publishing a newsletter may sound like a piece of cake but believe us; it is easier said than done.