Dr. Pritikana Das

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Dr. Pritikana Das

Dr. Pritikana Das


 Assistant Professor




 Department of Civil Engineering, MANIT Bhopal

 Bhopal- 462003, Madhya Pradesh, India.

 +91 8449715401


Date of Birth


Educational Qualification

 PhD  (IIT Roorkee)

 M.Tech (Transportation)

 B. Tech (Civil)


 Assistant Professor    Since, March, 2020
Department of Civil Engineering, 
MANIT, Bhopal
Scientist-C        March, 2017 to March 2020
  CSIR-Central Road Research Institute, New Delhi
Contract Lecturer    July 2009 to December 2009
Department of Civil Engineering, 
MANIT, Bhopal


 Transportation Engineering



  • International Journals          09
  • National Journal                  03
  • National Conferences          04
  • International Conferences   02

   Total Published Paper 18


1.    Parmar, J., Das, P., & Dave, S. (2022). "Identifying Perceived Level of Service of Off-street Parking for CBDs" Iranian Journal of Science and Technology Transactions of Civil Engineering (Manuscript Submitted)
2.    Parmar, J., Das, P., & Dave, S. (2022)."Traffic congestion forecasting using multi layers deep neural network" Transportation Letters: the International Journal of Transportation Research. (Manuscript Submitted)
3.    Parmar, J., Das, P., & Dave, S. (2021). A machine learning approach for modelling parking duration in urban land-use. Physica A: Statistical Mechanics and its DOI:10.1016/j.physa.2021.125873
4.    Parmar, J., Das, P., & Azad, F., (2021). A Methodology of Evaluating Urban Parking System: Case Study of Delhi. European Transport\Trasporti Europei
5.    Parmar, J., Das, P., & Dave, S. (2020), “Study on demand and characteristics of parking system in urban areas: A review” Journal of Traffic and Transportation Engineering DOI:10.1016/j.jtte.2019.09.003 
6.    Das, P., Advani, M., Parida, P., Parida, M., Singh, S.P. (2019), “Development of Land use based Pedestrian Level of Service in Indian Context”, Trasporti Europei (2019) Issue 74, Paper n° 2.
7.    Das, P., Parida, M. and Katiyar, V.K. (2017), “Macroscopic Pedestrian Flow Modelling Using Simulation Technique”, International Journal of Traffic & Transport Engineering, Volume 8, Issue 2, DOI: 10.7708/ijtte.2018.8(2).02 
8.    Das, P., Parida, M. and Katiyar, V.K. (2015), “Pedestrian Stream Flow Modelling using Single and Multi Regime Concepts”, European Transport, Issue 58, Paper no 3, ISSN 1825-3997. 
9.    Das, P., Parida, M. and Katiyar, V.K. (2015), “Analysis of interrelationship between pedestrian flow parameters using artificial neural network”, Journal of Modern Transportation (Springer), 23 (4), 298-309, DOI 10.1007/s 40534-015-0088-9 
10.    Das, P., Parida, M. and Katiyar, V.K. (2014), “Review of Simulation Techniques for Microscopic Mobility of Pedestrian Movement”, Trends in Transportation Engineering and Application, STM Journal-2014. 
11.    Das, M Parida, K V. K. (2014). “Characteristics of Macro-level pedestrian Movement for Planning of Pedestrian Infrastructure” PInternational Civil Engineering Symposium-ICES’14, 306-315, 2014
12.    Kishore, N., Das, P. and Parida, M. (2015), “Pedestrian Flow Characteristics around Bus Terminal, Dehradun”, Institute of Town Planners, India Journal, October – December, pp.18-30. 

Journal papers in other refereed journals
1.    Azad, F., Das, P., &. Parmar, J., (2019). “Assessment of Fright vehicular movement on arterial road of Delhi for Safety of Road Users” International Journal for Traffic and Transport Engineering (IJTTE)
2.    Das, P., Parida, M. and Katiyar, V.K. (2015), “Pedestrian Response to Road Traffic Noise for Medium Size City in India”, IJTTE, 5(3). 
3.    Tiwari, H., Das, P. and Bharti, A.K. (2012), “MATLAB Programming Solution for Critical and Normal Depth In Trapezoidal Channels”, International Journal of Engineering Research & Technology (IJERT), ISSN: 2278-0181, Vol. 1 Issue 8. 

RESEARCH PAPERS PUBLISHED IN CONFERENCES AND PROCEEDINGS 1.    Bharti S, Das P, Rokade S, Parvez M. (2022). “Gap Acceptance Behaviour at Urban Uncontrolled Intersection; a Case Study of Bhopal City.” Presented at the 4th National Conference on Traffic Technology, organized on 03rd and 04th of March 2022 at CAPT, Bhopal, MP.
2.    Singh, D., Das, P, (2021) “A Review on Surrogate Safety Measures in Safety Evaluation and Analysis” 6th Conference of Transportation Research Group of India (CTRG-2021)
3.    Mahajan, C., Singh, D., Das, P, (2021). “Pedestrian Movement at an urban uncontrolled intersection: A case study of Bhopal”, 6th Conference of Transportation Research Group of India (CTRG-2021)
4.    Das, P., (2021) A Review on Road Safety Evaluation using Surrogate Safety Measures. Conference: Recent Advances in Civil Engineering for Sustainable Development (RACESD- 2021) At: MANIT Bhopal
5.    J Parmar, P Das, F Azad, (2020). “Parking demand modelling using artificial neural network”. NISCAIR-CSIR, India
6.    Parmar Janak, Das, Pritikana, and Azad, Farhat (2019), “Evaluation of Parking Characteristics: A case study of Delhi”, WCTR, Mumbai, India.
7.    Parmar, J., Das, P. and Dave, S., (2019), “Development of Level of Service Criteria for Urban Car Parking System Using Clustering Techniques” 5th Conference of Transportation Research Group of India (CTRG-2019)
8.    Parmar, J., Das, P. and Dave, Sanjay (2018), “A Case Study on Parking Demand and Supply Estimation”, Indian Roads Congress-Young, VNIT Nagpur.
9.    Das, P., Parida, M., Bhaskar, A. and Katiyar, V. K. (2014), "Optimization Technique for Pedestrian Data Extraction", International Conference on Transportation Planning and Implementation Methodologies for Developing Countries, 11th TPMDC. IIT Bombay, India. (Transportation Research Procedia 2015, ELSEVIER)
10.    Das, P. Parida, M. and Katiyar, V.K. (2013), “Strategies for Improving Pedestrian Infrastructure in Urban Areas in India”, 61st National Town and Country Planners Congress, pp. 343-352.
11.    Dr. R. Shrivastava, S. Rokade, P. Das (2009), “Performance Study of Flexible Highway Pavement Constructed with Bituminous Cold Mix Technology”, International conference on Pavement Engineering (ICPE)
12.    Tiwari, H., Bhatia, A., Das, P. and Bharti, A.K. (2012) “Advance point-of-use household applications to check arsenic effect from drinking water in Pirpainti (Bhagalpur, Bihar) area to reduce Health risk”, India Water Week, Vigyan Bhawan, New Delhi “Efficient Water Management: Challenges and Opportunities.
  1. M Kumar, K Kumar, P Das, (2021). “Study on road traffic congestion: A review”, Recent Trends in Communication and Electronics, 230-240



  • Traffic Safety
  • Proactive Safety Evaluation
  • Traffic Safety
  • Proactive Safety Evaluation

R & D projects (Completed)

  1. “Development of Indian Highway Capacity Manual” CSIR Sponsored project (under the Twelfth Five Year Plan), 2012 to 2017, as Team member, Chapter 9 (Pedestrian facilities)
  2. Assessment of Freight vehicular movement in Delhi and its planning for the safety of Road Users”, Sponsored by CSIR-CRRI, 2016-2018, as Team member.
  3. “Devising Novel Methods in Driver Testing”, Sponsored by CSIR-CRRI, as Team member.
  4. Land-use based Parking Policy: A case study of Delhi, Sponsored by CSIR-CRRI, 9.25 Lakh, 2017-2019, as Principal Investigator.
  5. Development of mobile application for supply chain and freight transportation management for farmers, Collaborative project with Sarvodaya Infotech Pvt. Ltd., 2018-2020, as Team member.
  6. Development of Comprehensive Mobility Plan for Ahmedabad, Sponsored by Ahmedabad Traffic Police,1.75 Crores, 2019-2020, as Team member

R & D projects (Ongoing and submitted)

  1. “Proactive Safety Evaluation of Rural Roads: A Surrogate Safety Assessment” NRIDA/MoRD Sponsored project, 25.84 Lakh, as Co- Principal Investigator.
  2. “Safety Evaluation of Urban Uncontrolled intersections using Surrogate Safety Measures” SEED money Grant, 5 Lacs, as Principal Investigator (Ongoing).
  3. “Development of Trip Generation Manual for Indian Cities” Sponsored by CSIR-CRRI, 8.14 Lakh, as Nodal Principal Investigator.
  4. “Performance Evaluation of Cement Concrete Pavement in Rural Roads” Sponsored by National Rural Infrastructure Development Agency (NRIDA), Ministry of Rural Development, Government of India as 21.70 Lakh. Co- Principal Investigator

ORGANIZED WORKSHOP/ SHORT TERM COURSE/ ETC.                               

  • “15-Days Road Safety Auditors Certification Course In Association with MoRT&H and IRC during 13th March-27th March, 2021, MANIT Bhopal”
  • “5-Days Training Programme on Road Safety of Rural Roads (28th February - 4th March, 2022), sponsored by National Rural Infrastructure Development Agency, Ministry of Rural Development, Government of India

(a)    PhD Supervision

  1. Dungar Singh, 2020. “Safety Evaluation at Unsignalized Intersection using Surrogate Safety Measures”(Ongoing)
  2. Saumya Annad, 2021. “Trip Generation Modelling”(Ongoing)

(b)    PG Supervision

  1. J. Parmar (2019) “Behavioural Modelling and Level of Service Criteria for Urban Parking Environment.” (The Maharaja Sayajirao University of Baroda)
  2. Dhrub Trivedi (2019), “Residential Car Parking Modelling: a case study of Ahmedabad.”
  3. Nitin Shukla (2019), “Evaluation of Parking Characteristics & Parking Demand Modelling.” (Samrat Ashok Technological Institute, Bhopal)
  4. Sangpriyadarshni Bharti (2021) “Gap Acceptance Behaviour at Urban Uncontrolled Intersection”
  5. Vivek Kumar (2021) “Safety Evaluation at Urban Uncontrolled Intersection Under Mix Traffic Condition Using SSM”
  6. Chetan Mahajan (2021) “A Study on Pedestrian Movement at Urban Uncontrolled Intersection”
  7. Mohammed Parvez (2022)
  8. Subham Patle (2022) “Development of Pedestrian Safety Index at an Uncontrolled Intersection”
  9.  Hrishbh Chouhan (2022) “Qualitative and Quantitative Evaluation of Urban Car Parking System: A Case Study of Bhopal”
  10. Vasu Verma (2022) “Assessment of Pedestrian Safety at Unsignalised Intersection Using Surrogate Safety Measures”

 (C) UG Project Supervision

  1. Shitala Prasad Maurya, Ravi Tiwari, Mahendra Tiwari, Mahendra Singh, Tanish Bhumarkara (2022) “A Study on Prosocial and Aggressive Behaviour of Indian Drivers”

Member of professional bodies

  • Indian Road Congress (IRC)
  • World Conference on Transport Research Society (WCTR)
  • Indian Geotechnical Society Delhi Chapter
  • Transportation Research Group of India (TRG)
  • Indian Society of Technical Education (ISTE)
  • State Technical Agency (STA) Member, PMGSY

Achievements/ Awards

  • GATE 2007
  • UPPSC 2012 (Lecturer, Civil Engineering)
  • Assistant Professor, 2012 (Govt. Engineering College Bharatpur)
  • MHRD scholarship (2012-2016)

Number of P.G. Projects guided

 M. Tech Thesis guided  05

Project/ Consultancy undertaken

 12 (Research & Consultancy Projects)

  1. 5-Days Training Programme on Road Safety of Rural Roads (28th February - 4th March, 2022). Expert Lecture on “Traffic Calming Measure for Enhance Safety
  2. 5-Days Training Programme on Road Safety of Rural Roads (28th February - 4th March 2022). Expert Lecture on “Traffic Signs, Road Markings and Delineators
  3. Emerging Tool for Design and Analysis of Sustainable Roads, STTP, VNR VJIET, Hyderabad, December 2020. Expert Lecture on “Application of Soft-Computing Techniques in Transportation & Traffic Engineering.
  4. Training on “Design of Pavement, Geometric, Small Bridge & Culverts”, MPRRA Bhopal, January 2021.Expert lecture on “Highway Geometric Design for Rural Roads”
  5. Madhya Pradesh Rural Road Academy Bhopal, 16 August 2021. Expert Lecture on “Application of Coir-Textile for Soil Improvement for Performance Improvement of Roads in the state of M.P”.

Working on “DPR checking of Road & Bridges” as an STA member

Any other information

Delivered Lectures in STTP, Road Safety Training Programme etc. 

Research Area: Traffic and Transportation Engineering; Application of Soft-computing techniques; Statistical Analysis & Mathematical modeling.