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Physics Department of MANIT Bhopal is one of the founding Department of the Institute since 1960 when the institute was Maulana Azad College of Technology (MACT). The department runs an M.Tech. course in Nanotechnology since 2006 with an intake of 18 students.  A center of Nanoscience and Engineering is formed within the department in 2014 The Department and the centre is engaged in research leading to Ph.D. and teaching in the frontier areas of experimental sciences. These include Nanoscience & Nanotechnology, condensed matter physics and materials science.

Excellence in research and teaching has been the hallmark of this Department. Apart from our own research in the leading edge since its inception, the Department has, over the years, produced some of the brightest minds in Physics, active both in the country and all over the world, with several fundamental contributions in the field.



Programme Educational Objectives (PEOs) :

PEO 1 : Building fundamental concepts about low dimensional materials and their properties

PEO 2 : To apply analytical skills to understand the properties of continuously evolving nanomaterials

PEO 3 : To promote research in the budding and burgeoning areas of nanotechnology through nano materials with innovative properties, novel synthesis methods, green technology, solar energy, environment, drug delivery etc.

PEO 4 : To inculcate leadership with moral, and ethical values, team spirit and managerial skill.

Programme Outcomes (POs):

PO 1 : Graduating student will have a good knowledge of of basic science , engineering and Nanotechnology

PO 2 :  Graduating student will be able to understand and analyze problems

PO 3 :  Graduating student will be fully trained to correctly visualize the problems, design and develop the solutions for these technological problem using experiments, computer program and softwares.

PO 4 :  Graduating student will be prepared with skills and knowledge for interdisciplinary research and inventions

PO 5 :  Graduating student will be trained in use of conventional and modern equipments for Design/development of new technological challenges and issues.

PO 6 :  Graduating students will apply their expertise in the development of technology for betterment of society

PO 7 :  Graduating students will use their technical skills for environmental friendly, sustainable development activities

PO 8 :  Graduating students will develop strong ethical and moral values for future building of nation.

PO 9 :  Graduating students will demonstrate excellent individual leadership and teamwork.

PO 10 :  Graduate students will be decorated with professional communicational and language skills

PO 11 :  Students will have the knowledge of Project handling and financial management.

PO 12 :  Students will have the scientific outlook and lifelong learning attitude


Stimulate interdisciplinary research, including vertical integration between basic sciences and engineering to promote links with society and industry.


Develop state of art educational and research environment, impart knowledge in all areas of life through transfer of fundamental technology. Develop skills amongst faculty and students to meet the demands of the industry to face the global challenges.

Courses Offered

PG Course: M.Tech. Nanotechnology:

Sanctioned Strength:18

The post graduating students from the Department of Physics and Centre for Nanoscience and

Engineering, MANIT Bhopal are expected to have following professional skills and abilities

  • Ability to apply fundamental concepts of nanotechnology, to solve real life problem s.
  • Ability to validate and analyze theoretical knowledge practically using characterization
  • techniques.
  • Ability to deliver innovations beneficial to social and environment.
  • Develop an approach towards problem solving through design, properties identification and
  • development process.
  • Ability to work as a team to achieve desired goal.
  • Ability to maintain work ethics lifetime.
  • Effective presentation and communication skill
  • Attitude towards lifelong learning

Scheme and Syllabus of MTech Nano Technology 

Scheme and Syllabus of MSc Physics 

UG Physics Course :

B. Tech. PHY-112 Syllabus

B.Tech_. PHY 117 Syllabus


Dr. M. M. Malik (Head of the Department)

Dr. M. M. Malik

Designation: Professor

Qualification: M.Sc., Ph.D

Email: malikmm[at]manit[dot]ac[dot]in, manzar.malik[at]gmail[dot]com,

Phone (O): 0755-4051594, 1590

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Dr. Rajnish Kurchania

Dr. Rajnish Kurchania

Designation: Professor

Qualification: M.Sc. , Ph.D (Leeds UK)

Email: rkurchania[at]gmail[dot]com, rkurchania[at]manit[dot]ac[dot]in

Phone (O) : 0755-4051595, 1591

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Dr. Mrs. F.Z. Haque

Dr. Fozia Z. Haque

Designation: Associate Professor & Head

Qualification: M.Sc.,Ph.D

Email: foziazia[at]manit[dot]ac[dot]in

Phone : 0755-4051596

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Dr. Piyush Kumar Patel

Dr. Piyush Kumar Patel

Designation: Assistant Professor

Qualification: M.Sc., Ph.D (IIT Roorkee)


Phone(O) 0755-4051582

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Dr. Jyoti Rani

Dr. Jyoti Rani

Designation: Assistant Professor

Qualification: M.Sc., Ph.D. ( IIT Roorkee)

Email: Jyoti.iitr[at]gmail.comjyoti.phy[at]

Phone :(O) 0755-4051581

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Research Area


Name of faculty

Area of Research


Dr. M.M. Malik

Amorphous Semiconductor, Nanomaterials, Luminescence


Dr. Rajnish Kurchania
Associate Professor

Functional Materials, Ferroelectric Thin Films, Solar Photovoltaics, Computational Nanotechnology


Dr. F.Z. Haque
Assistant Professor

Nanomaterials, Photoconducting Nanomaterials, Conducting Polymer for Solar cell and Gas Sensors


  1. Nanotechnology Research Lab (Research Lab)
  2. Functional Nanomaterials (Research Lab)
  3. Optical Nanomaterials Lab (Research Lab)
  4. UG Physics Lab

Equipments in Research Labs

Analytical Balance

Atomic Force Microscopy

B.O.D. (Bacteriological) Incubator (Metrex

B.Tech. Lab Physic

BET surface area analysis

convection oven

Digital Ultrasonic Cleaner with Basket for ultrasonication and Nanosynthesis of materials

Dip Coating Unit (Holmarc-HO-TH-02) for thin film deposition

Electrochemical Anodization for synthesis of Nano-Porous Silica

FT‐IR Spectrometer

HHV Box Coater BC300 with e-beam for thin film deposition of materials

High Speed Research Centrifuge -ELTEK

High Temperature Annealing Furnace

Impedance Analyzers with high temperature setup.jpg

Microwave Oven for Naomaterials Synthesis

Nanovoltmeter (Keithley 2182A)

Optical gas sensing setup

Photocatalysis setup

Photoluminescence spectrometer

Resistive Gas sensing setup.png

Rotovap for removal of solvents from samples by evaporation

Setup for Electrochemical synthesis of QD’s


Spin Coater (Holmarc-HO-TH-05) for thin film deposition

Spray Pyrolysis (Holmarc-HO-TH-04) setup for thin film deposition.jpg

Synthesis of Garphene Oxide by Modified Hummer’s Method.jpg

synthesizing nanoparticles by chemical route

Water Distillation Unit


International Workshop on “Interactive Systems, Nanosolar Photovoltaics and Coatings for a Sustainable Built Environment”


wo day international workshop on “Interactive Systems, Nanosolar Photovoltaics and Coatings for a Sustainable Built Environment” was organised by the Department of Physics, Maulana Azad National Institute of Technology, Bhopal from 10-11 Jan 2013. The workshop was inaugurated on 10 January 2013 by the Chief Guest Dr. V. K. Singh Director IISER, Bhopal. Dr. Singh highlighted and stressed the need of eco-friendly and energy efficient buildings. Prof. Peter Walker from University of Bath was the Guest of Honour and the function was presided over by Dr. Apppu Kuttan K. K. Director MANIT, Bhopal. The workshop is funded by UKIERI and is in collaboration with IIT Delhi, JEC Jaipur and University of Bath UK. Dr. Rajnish Kurchania Convener of the workshop and UKIERI project leader from India delivered the Welcome Address and presented the overview of the workshop. Dr. M. M. Malik, HoD, Department of Physics highlighted the achievement of the department. Senior faculty Prof. M. S. Qureshi from Physics department was felicitated on this occasion. Sixteen renowned academicians and scientists from IITS and CSIR laboratories delivered invited talks in this workshop. Internationally acclaimed academician Prof. Peter Walker, Professor and Director of the Building Research Establishment (BRE) Centre for Innovative Construction Materials of University of Bath UK had given a talk on Innovative Building Materials and presented an innovative idea on fabric formwork concrete structures, optimization of load bearing beams and prefabricated straw bale panels. Dr. Richard Ball UKIERI Project Leader from University of Bath UK informed the august gathering about UKIERI Project. The two day International Workshop was ended on Friday 11th January 2013. Dr. Appu Kuttan K. K. Director MANIT, Bhopal was the Chief Guest and Dr. Peter Walker and Dr. Richard J. Ball from University of Bath were also present on the occasion. Dr. Appu Kuttan K. K. Director MANIT, Bhopal praised the efforts of the department and said that this is just a beginning and the institute shall keep on organizing such international workshops and conferences. In last two days erudite speakers delivered their thought provoking talks on energy efficient building and building materials. The workshop received an overwhelming response and nearly 140 participants attended the workshop. Dr. M. M. Malik Head, Department Physics, appreciated the effort of faculty, research scholars, students and staff member of the department. The convener of the workshop and Indian project lead of UKIERI-II Thematic partnership project Dr. Rajnish Kurchania briefed the audience about the details of the deliberations in the workshop. Dr. F. Z. Khan proposed the vote of thanks.


Photos of Event





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