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MANIT was chosen as the nodal centre for energy theme under Indo-UK RECs project in 1994 by Government of India. Energy centre, MANIT Bhopal was inaugurated by the former president of India late Dr. Shankar Dayal Sharma on 12 July 1997. Energy Centre premises have a built up area of about 3000 sq m. Many associated faculty members have received extensive training in specialised fields of energy in different British Universities and industries under indo- UK RECs project. The centre has developed nine laboratories in various specialised area like energy conservation, energy audit solar thermal and PV technology, wind energy, heat transfer systems etc.

In 2004, Department of Energy was created for Post-graduate and PhD program and in 2007 it became the pioneer in India to start Under-graduate program in Energy Engineering, with intake of 40 students. Many research and development projects and consultancy projects were taken up and completed by the energy centre. The centre is currently running Two PG program; M.Tech in Renewable Energy and M.Tech in Energy System Management. The Ministry of New and Renewable Energy, MNRE Govt of India, has recognised the Energy Centre for award of Post-graduate Fellowships for M.Tech as well as Ph.D. program.



 Objectives of the Centre:
1. To develop sustainable infrastructure by providing solutions to acute problems in energy security
2. To integrate the efforts of scientists and engineers working with different aspects of renewable energy
3. To provide quality education through regular educational programs (such as M.Tech., Ph.D.) and short term programs (with duration 1 week, 2 week, month), for providing trained manpower to industry in the area of renewable energy and energy efficency
4. To promote education and awareness related to energy and environment by becoming a nodal center for Central region of India.
5. To contribute to grass-root level research and deployment in the field of energy and environment.
6. The centre aims at providing quality postgraduate education to meritorious undergraduates with keen interest in both the fields of renewable energy and energy efficiency.
7. Energy centre is proposed to closely associate with industry and several national & foreign academic institutions of repute with an aim to foster cutting edge research and establish ourselves as a leader in this field
8. To strengthen and rationalise the research, demonstration and development efforts in all renewable energy technologies
9. Energy centre is dedicated to accelerate the deployment of renewable energy and low carbon generation technology through the utilization of Biomass, Wind, Hydro Power, Solar PV and Solar Thermal energy.
10. By the objectives and goals described above, it is believed that Energy centre achievement would lead to "Green Energy for Green Campus”. The centre's dream is to turn MANIT into a GREEN CAMPUS by introduction of renewable energy and energy efficiency approach.

With these objectives, in mind Energy centre could contribute significantly in making India a world leader in this area and make a social impact as well.


  • To be a global Centre of excellence in technical and professional education for graduating engineers and serve as a valuable resource to the nation.


  • Contribute to the development of next generations of highly qualified and ethical professionals through specialized training and knowledge build-up in areas of green technology and renewable energy.
  • Promote the vision of the Centre among academic, industrial, and public sectors through demonstration and dissemination of green technology projects and create environment.
  • Develop eco-friendly sustainable technologies to ensure the energy security of the country and the world.
  • Partner with industry, research organizations and government in India and abroad for the commercialization of research ideas.
  • Improve the quality of life of citizens of India, conserving natural resources, and serve as an engine for socio economic and sustainable development.
  • Promote and establish a clear pathway to make MANIT a green campus within the next ten years and to propagate green campus ideas and methodologies.


Energy Center

M.Tech. (Renewable Energy) (Started:2012)

  • Started: M. Tech (Energy)                                 1998
  • Renamed: (Renewable Energy)            2012

MTech (Energy System Management) (Started:2020)

The thrust given by the Govt. of India under National Action Plan on Climate Change and Jawahar Lal Nehru National Solar Mission has suddenly created the need to train large human resource in the field of new and renewable energy especially with expertise in solar energy. M.Tech in renewable energy is designed to equip graduates and working professionals with a broad training understanding of energy production, delivery, consumption, efficiency, economics, policy, regulation and environmental impact. These are considered in context of sustainable renewable energy supply with emphasis on solar energy systems.

  • Break up of students’ intake from different branches.



Dr. Arvind Mittal

Dr. Arvind Mittal

Designation : Professor

Highest Qualification: Ph.D.

Area of Interest: Power Controller Applications in Renewable Energy Systems


Phone: (O) +91 755 2670416 Ext 1255, (M) 9425302600

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Prashant V. Baredar
Prashant V. Baredar

Designation:Professor & (HOD)

Qualification: Ph.D.

Area of Interest: Thermal Engg., Hybrid Energy System, Wind Energy

Email: pbaredar[at]rediffmail[dot]com

Phone:Mobile: +91 9406511666; Fax: +91 755 2670562

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Prof. Archana Soni

Prof. Archana Soni

Designation: Associate Professor

Highest Qualification: M.Tech, Ph.D

Area of Interest: Energy Conservation, solar passive building

Email: soni_archana[at]yahoo[dot]com

Phone: (O) +91 755 2670416 Ext 1606, (M) 9993943780

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Prof. Meena Agrawal

Prof. Meena Agrawal

Designation : Assistant Professor, G-I

Highest Qualification: Ph.D. MANIT, M.E. (Power Electronics)-SGSITS, B.E.(Hons.)-(EE)-MANIT, P.G.D.C.A. (Computer Applications)- MCNUJC,

Area of Interest: Renewable Energy Systems, Smart Grid & Microgrid, Smart Green Cities, Energy Audit & Conservation, Artificial Intelligence - Multi-Agent Systems, Human Resource Energy management

Email: astromeena2020[at], meenaagarwal[at]

Phone: (O) +91 9425602012

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Prof. Kavita Gidwani

Prof. Kavita Gidwani

Designation : Assistant Professor

Highest Qualification: M.Tech.

Area of Interest: Waste Management

Email: kavitagidwanisuneja[at]gmail[dot]com

Mobile: +91 9826087615

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Dr. Gaurav Dwivedi

Dr. Gaurav Dwivedi
Designation: Assistant Professor
Qualification: B. Tech (Mech.) IKGPTU, M. Tech (Energy System) IIT Roorkee, PhD (Energy System) IIT Roorkee
Area of Interest: Internal combustion engines, Bioenergy and biofuels; Biomass Energy Systems; Energy Simulation and Modeling; Optimization of biodiesel production; Stability studies of biodiesel; Cold Flow Properties of Biodiesel; Designing testing of hydro mechanical equipments, Small hydropower plant, renewable energy systems.
Email: gdiitr2005[at]
Phone: +919872193532
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Research Areas

The most important areas which the centre is focused are:

  • Solar Energy 
  • Wind Energy 
  • Biomass energy
  • Hybrid Vehical
  • Cebor Capture
  • Smart Grid
  • Green Building
  • Climate Change 
  • Conventional Power Generation

Research Groups

Renewable Energy Group  Power Engineering Group
Solar PV Power electronics
Solar Thermal  Instrumentation & Control system
Wind Energy        Modelling & Simulation
Biomass Small Hydro
Alternate fuel & IC Engines  Energy conservation and Management
Climate Change & Carbon sequestration Smart Grid & Green Building             
  1. Energy Conservation and Audit lab
  2. Solar Thermal & Solar PV lab
  3. Power electronics
  4. Wind Energy lab
  5. Energy Modelling & Simulation lab
  6. Conference hall with modern teaching aid
  7. Cable Technology Lab
  8. Bio Energy and Heat Transfer Lab

Solar Thermal and Solar PV  

Bio Energy and Heat Transfer Lab



Wind Energy lab


Power electronics

Cable Technology Lab


Conference hall with modern teaching aid




Project Title

Funding Agency






Performance Investigation of Micro Multilevel Inverter based Grid connected Solar PV System

SERB, DST, Govt. of India


3 Years

Dr. Arvind Mittal


Optimization of operating parameters for rubber sheet fast drying

National Research

University Grant, Thailand


3 Years

Dr. Anil Kumar


Performance evaluation of downdraft gasifier in RGPV Campus using different biomass briquettes for electricity generation

Madhya Pradesh Council of Science and Technology


2 Years

Dr. Prashant Baredar

Quality Briquetting of waste material at household level in rural area as a startup programme

Madhya Pradesh

Council of Science and Technology


1 Year

Dr. Prashant Baredar


Vortex Induced Vibration Wind Power Generation using Dual Mode of Electricity Generation viz. Piezo-electric and Electric Generator

Ministry of New and Renewable Energy


1 Year

Dr. Prashant Baredar

Modifying Blade Profile of Savonius Wind Rotor to Reduce Turbulence

Ministry of New and Renewable Energy


1 Year

Dr. Prashant Baredar

Total funding value in Rs. 79,21,500/-


Consultancy (from Industry)



Project Title

Funding Agency

Value (Rupees)




Third Party Quality Assurance Inspection of various works under IIT Indore, Project Division-II


CPWD, Indore




Dr. Arvind Mittal



Drawing and design calculation of water distribution network Municipal Corporation Sehore,


M/S P.C.Snehal Construction Co.Sehore




Dr. Prashant Baredar




Checking and approval of design and drawing of 22 MLD Sewage Treatment Municipal Corporation Dewas


M/s Laxmi Geo Milers JV.




Dr. Prashant Baredar


Checking and approval of design and drawing of 12 MLD Sewage Treatment

Municipal Corporation Dewas





Dr. Prashant Baredar

Total fund value in Rs. 59,31,500/-



S.No. Patent No. Title of innovation Name of Inventor Publication Date

Patenting Authority

1. 2021106653 A Micro Multilevel Inverter Dr. Arvind Mittal, Dr. Amit Ojha 10 Nov. 2021 Australia
  2945/MUM/2015 Self-sustained Smart greenhouse Dr.K.Sudhakar 04/09/2015 India
2. 1790/MUM/2014


Mechanism for Wind turbine Blades
Dr. Prashant Baredar

4 Dec. 2014


3. 2285/MUM/2014 Simple and enhanced double slope solar distiller for domestic application Dr.K.Sudhakar 29 Aug. 2014 India
4. 783/MUM/2013A Modified Greenhouse Dryer Dr. Anil Kumar 06 Sep. 2013 India



LIST of ORGANISED STTP/ Workshops/Conferences


Event Title

Organised Under



Organized Online FDP on Sustainable Transport Sources for future Mobility Application


Nov. 22-26, 2021


International Conference on Innovation in Clean Energy Technologies (ICET 2020)

Energy Centre, MANIT

August 27-28, 2020


Organized Online Competitions For Students World Environment Day, in Social Entrepreneurship Cell


5th June 2021


National workshop on advanced research methods 6th March to 10th March 2021



6th to 10th March 2021



Online workshop on recent trends in clean Energy from 8 march to 12th March



8th to 12th March 2021


Conducted Five Days STTP on  “Post- Covid  Consciousness: In View of  Campus Re-Opening”



9th to 13th March 2021


International Conference on Advancement in Materials, Manufacturing and Energy Engineering - (ICAMME-2021)

Energy Centre, MANIT

18-20th Feb.2021