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"Sports doesn't add years to life but adds life to years "


Sports Achievements in March 2015   

Sports Achievements in 2013-2014   

Annual Report -2014-15 (physical Education & Sports Dept.)                                                      


Sports have been an important social and cultural activity through ages. It is not only necessary for all round development of a person but also provides a means of recreation and relaxation for body and mind. Various competitions provide opportunities for social interaction between culturally and ethnically different groups of people thereby fostering qualities of sportsmanship in them.

The need for a sports arena was felt a few years back and the Institute took an initiative to come up with a plan for an indoor sports complex to cater to the needs of the students. Some of the proposed structures are

Swimming Pool
Squash Courts
Table Tennis
Badminton Courts
Basketball Court

Facilities in Sports Complex

Games & Sports Activities

Sports Achievements (2013-14) 

Take a glimpse of the proposed sports complex:

sports complex manit

Students playing in different fields:


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