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Prof. (Dr.) Aditya Goel

Chief Vigilance Officer 

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The Chief Vigilance Officer

The Chief Vigilance Officers are extended arms of the CVC. The Chief Vigilance Officers are considerably higher level officers who are appointed in each and every Department/Organisation to advice the Head of the Department/Organisation in all vigilance matters.

The Chief Vigilance Officer has an important role in effective vigilance administration and functions as an representative of the Commission. While the Commission's jurisdiction is confined to Group 'A' officers and other officials, of and above the level notified, and the Commission's advice is only to the Disciplinary Authority, there is no such restriction on the CVOs role.

The CVOs are required to be consulted by the Disciplinary Authority/Appellate Authority, irrespective of the level of officers involved. Wherever the Appellate Authority has disagreed with the Commission's advice, which was accepted by the Disciplinary Authority, the CVOs should scrutinize the matter carefully to take up the matter with the reviewing authority and also report such cases to the Commission. In respect of officials not under the jurisdiction of the Commission, where the Disciplinary Authority has disagreed with the CVO's advice, such cases should be specifically brought to the notice of the Board.

While CVOs may be consulted by the management in formulating a policy, to provide for necessary checks and balances as a preventive vigilance measure, they should not get involved in decisions in individual cases like works/procurement, etc, having financial implications.



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