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Centre of Excellence in Water Management.

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Water is a valuable natural resource, and its depletion, misuse, and disruption of the water cycle result in its scarcity for domestic, industrial, and agricultural usage. Proper management  of water is need of today. Centre of Excellence in Water  Management  is associated with Department of Civil Engineering, MANIT, Bhopal. This Centre of Excellence in water management is being developed to offer a unique platform for  research  and developments  for management of water which is in harmony with initiative of Jal Shakti Niyojan Vibhag of the Government of India.

The centre is providing quality education and research focussed to water resources   engineering & management, iSnce 2021, the centre offers Post Graduate program on “Water Resporces Engineering and Management” to facilitate the culture pf developing unique ideas in water resource management

Faculty members are highly skilled and competent, and the department has enough facilities to assist teaching and learning. As a result, it is dedicated to the well-being and overall development of its students.


Program Educational Objectives (PEOs)

PEO1: To impart both conventional and state of the art knowledge for analysis and design of systems related to Water resources.

PEO2: To equip students with the capability to integrate theoretical and computational approaches for research in the area of Water resources.

PEO3: To inculcate professional and ethical attitude in students while working as a team for finding acceptable solutions to real life problems.


Program Outcomes (POs)

PO1: An ability to apply knowledge of mathematics, applied science and engineering principles in the field of Water Resources.

PO2: Ability to correctly visualize, analyse and provide appropriate design solutions to complex water resources problems

PO3: Ability to validate theoretical knowledge through experimental work and also analyse and interpret the results.

PO4: An ability to collaborate with multidisciplinary groups for providing sustainable solutions to water resources problems, within societal and environmental constraints.

PO5: An ability to apply appropriate modern computational techniques and software for the modelling hydrological systems at Watershed level.

PO6: Develop skills to undertake theoretical and experimental research for the benefit of the society.

PO7:  Ability to communicate (both oral and written) freely and effectively with better interactive ability with masses.

PO8: The right attitude and aptitude to engage in lifelong learning for professional advancement with integrity and ethics

To provide leadership for research, development, capacity building and transfer of technology for conservation and management of water resources under the changing scenario of climate in different region of India.

To resolve   water management   problems in agriculture and water supply systems by integrating conventional and cutting-edge science and technology.

Dr. Vishnu Prasad a

Dr. Vishnu Prasad

Designation: Professor

Qualification: Ph.D

Specialization: Hydraulic Machines & Fluid Mechanics, Water resources

Email:  vpp7[at]yahoo[dot]com, 

Phone: (R) 0755-2671226 (O) 4051390, 4051200

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Dr. Charu Parashar

Dr. Charu Parashar

Designation: Professor

Qualification: Ph.D (MANIT Bhopal)

Specialization: Fluid Mechanics & Hydraulic Machines, WRE ,Environmental Engg.

Email:  charuparashar[at]manit[dot]ac[dot]in

Email:  charu_parashar2001[at]yahoo[dot]com

Phone: (O) 0755 4051207

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Dr. M.K. Choudhary

Dr. Mahendra Kumar Choudhary

Designation: Associate Professor

Qualification: Ph.D (IIT Roorkee)

Specialization: Water Resources Engineering

Email: mkchoudhary[at][at]  

Phone:(O) 0755-4051218 (R) 0755-4052311

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Dr. Ruchi Khare

Dr. Ruchi Khare

Designation: Associate Professor  & Head

Qualification: Ph.D

Specialization: Water Resources Engineering, Pipe networking, CFD in Turbo-machines

Email: ruchikhare[at]manit[dot]ac[dot]in,

Phone: 0755-4051391, 9425607454

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Dr. H. L.Tiwari

Dr. H. L.Tiwari

Designation: Associate Professor

Qualification: B.E (Hons), M.Tech., Ph.D. (WRE)

Specialization: Hydro, Fluid Mechanics & Water Resources Engineering

Email: hltiwari[at]rediffmail[dot]com

Email: hltiwari[at]manit[dot]ac[dot]in

Phone: 0755-4051228,4052403,

(mobile) 07869301978,  8989650221

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Prof. Ajay Thawait

Dr. Ajay Thawait

Designation: Assistant Professor

Qualification: M.Tech. (IIT Bombay

Specialization: Water Resources

Email: thawaitak[at]manit[dot]ac[dot]in , 

Phone:(R) (O) 1221

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Dr. Rutuja M. Chavan

Dr. Rutuja M. Chavan

Designation: Assistant Professor
Qualification: M.Tech., Ph.D. (IIT Guwahati)0
Research Area: Water Resources Engineering and Management
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1. Hydraulics and Hydrological Modelling

2. Water Management

 3. Impact of Climate change on Water Resources

4. Irrigation and Crop management

 5. Sediment Transport


  • Water Resource and Management

To strengthen the theoretical knowledge and provide aid in research and consultancy projects, the department maintains well-equipped laboratories. Various laboratories are:

  • Water Management Laboratory
  • Weather Science Laboratory


Rainfall Simulator Unit (Advanced Hydrology System)


Experimental Setup for Formation of River Courses


Sediment Transport Demonstration Channel (in Open Channel)


Seepage Flow Apparatus


Ground Water Flow Unit


Water Management Laboratory


Weather Science Laboratory(under development)


Weather Station


Automatic Open Pan Evaporation Unit


Ground Penetrating Radar System


Water Detector


Electrical Analogy






Title of Project (s)

Name of Sponsoring Agency


Hydraulic Design of

Baneta Multi Village Rural Water Supply Scheme

District– Sehore (M.P.)


 Public Health Engineering Department

Narmada Project Division No.1- Bhopal (M.P.)


Climate Impact on Water Resources in Tapi Basin

Min. of Water Resources, Govt of India,

 New Delhi


Hydrological Survey Work at Raja Bhoj Airport, Bhopal

 M/s Airport Authority of India

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