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Rolta Innovation & Incubation Center

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MANIT Rolta Incubation centre


The incubation centre in Maulana Azad National Institute of Technology (MANIT) was inaugurated on 4th September 2014 by Mr. Kamal K. Singh, chairman, Rolta Group of Industries and Alumni of MANIT (MACT).  He financed the building and other infrastructure required to start the incubation centre.  The centre has eight cells, namely, a Product Development cell, NANO satellite project cell, Industry-Institute Interaction cell, Vision cell, Web development and Internet radio cell, Entrepreneur development cell, and Intellectual Property Rights cell.  In the context of “MAKE IN INDIA” concept picking up, the inauguration of this incubation centre is a significant step towards encouraging development of innovative products and providing start ups and technical support to prospective entrepreneurs.


To have a center for the development of products and innovations which will be working efficiently even after Institute timings.
To encourage the students to target National and International Competitions and win such events.
To have seminars from renowned personalities frequently without disturbing the institute infrastructure and curricular activities.
To develop solutions for industrial problems so that the Institute Industry interaction strengthens which would create more Placement Opportunities.
To attract and encourage more and more student exchange programmes through MoUs with Foreign and National Universities.


  1. Our honourable chief minister, Shri Shivraj Singh Chouhan visited all the cells of our incubation centre on 17th September 2014 and appreciated our efforts in development of industry institute interaction, technological development (NANO satellite project), starting of radio for students.
  2. The interview of MANIT Alumni Mr.Kamal K Singh, Rolta Group and Mr. Manudev Jain, Indian Railways, had been broadcasted through MANIT Internet Radio.
  3. MANIT alumni web site has been developed and published through MANIT Domain.
  4. A new website has been developed by MANIT students under earn while learn scheme.
  5. Video of cross country race has been recorded and uploaded in MANIT web site.
  6. Computing Laboratory has been established by M/s Applied Materials India Limited, with four systems and three softwares viz., (i) Ansys 1.4, (ii) Hyper works and (iii) Autodesk.
  7. Our NANO satellite project team has received evaluated report from ISRO with some technical queries.  These queries have been answered by the team and updated report has been sent to ISRO for further evaluation.
  8. Entrepreneur Development Cell organized a two week “Faculty Development Programme on Entrepreneurship” during 27th January to 7th February 2015 in collaboration with Entrepreneurship Development Institute of India (EDI).  
  9. Intellectual Property Rights Cell organized STTP on “Intellectual Property Rights” during 14-16, March 2015 in order to spread awareness about the IPR and how to apply for patents.  
  10. Incubation Centre organized one-day programme on YOGA on 21st June 2015 to observe International YOGA day on 21st June 2015.
  11. A series of lectures have been organized during February 2016 in the areas of how to initiate a Start up and how to become entrepreneur by eminent speakers Dr.Kalyan Bhaskar from IIM, Lucknow, Dr.C.S.Solanki from I.I.T, Mumbai, and Chief delivery and Operations Officer , DELL services, Bangalore.
  12. MANIT Rolta Incubation Centre participated in Bhopal Vignan Mela during 19-22, February, 2016 and won second best prize for their participation and one of our innovations has been adjudged as the best innovation among all the participants of the Mela.                                      

Faculty Coordinator: Dr.C.M.Krishna, Associate Professor, Department of Mechanical Engineering

Student Coordinators: Mr.Prateek, MrVivek Kumar, Third year M.E Students and PG students of ECE branch.


  1. Conference Room
  2. Seminar Room
  3. Wifi access and LAN round the clock
  4. Office rooms for each of the cells with necessary infrastructure

Administrative Structure:

    1. Advisor
      gajendra dixit

      Dr. Gajendra Dixit
      Professor, Department of Mechanical Engineering
      Email Address :- >dixitgajendra[at]gmail[dot]com 
      Mobile : 9425010155;
      Office 07554051153  

    2. Chairman:
      ARehman Photo

      Dr. Ameenur Rehman Siddiqui,
      Professor,Department of Mechanical Engineering
      Email:nitars90[at]gmail[dot]com phone(off): 0755-4051604
      Mobile: +917772903985

    3. Cell Coordinators:





Associate Professor,Department of Mechanical Engineering
Phone: (off) 0755-4051609
Mobile: +919826268393

Nano Satellite Cell:


Dr.Shailendra Jain,
Department of Electrical Engineering
Email: sjain68[at]gmail[dot]comjainsh[at]gmail[dot]com
Phone: +91 7554051410(o)
Phone: +91 7554052423
Mobile: +919406540720

Vision Cell:

gajendra dixit Dr. Gajendra Dixit, Professor,
Department of Mechanical Engineering
Email: dixitgajendra[at]gmail[dot]com
Phone(Off): 0755-4051153
Mobile: +919425010155

Web Design Cell:

Dr. Tomar

Dr.Deepak Singh Tomar,
Department of Computer Science Engineering 
Email: deepaktomar[at]manit[dot]ac[dot]in
hone : 0755-4051304(O)
Phone: 0755-4052645(R)
Mobile: +91 9827225851

IPR Cell:

Dr.Vinita Mohindra,
Department of Humanities and Social Sciences
Email: vinitamohindra[at]gmail[dot]com
Phone: 0755-4051492(O)
Mobile :+919425008518

Entrepreneur Development Cell:


Dr. Manoj Arya,
Department of Mechanical Engineering
Email:  manojarya123[at]gmail[dot]com
Phone: 0755-4051620(O)
Mobile : +91 9425013973


  • To encourage innovative projects of UG and PG students of MANIT
  • To provide facilities for completion of their interdisciplinary projects
  • To guide the students to achieve their project related goals
  • To help them in protecting their innovation work through patenting

Faculty In-Charge:

Associate Professor,
Department of Mechanical Engineering

Projects sanctioned in last two years:


Title of the Project

Faculty associated

Group Leaders Name


Human powered vehicle championship


Sujay Jhamnani


Electric Solar Vehicle Championship


Vivek Dubey


Nanocatalyst preparation from Rice Husk Ash


Shivam Gupta


Numerical Study of convective heat transfer of nanofluids in a circular tube two phase model vs. Single phase model


Nupur Gupta


Design of Differential to avoid skidding of automobile

Dr.C.M.Krishna   C. A. Avinash


Design and Fabrication of Elite GoKart

Dr.Varudkar V   Mr. Amiy Sonkusare


Preparation of Nanofluids and investigation of heat transfer characteristics for different systems


Kishore Khushalani


Development of Brake using MR Fluid


Sunil Sharma


Half Bike Trio Three Wheeled Cycle


Rachit Agrawal


Solar LVDC system for space & Terrestial Applications


Apporv Lokhande


Development of a Flight Control Board using an IMU sensor module and ARDUNINO micro controller


Ritika Lawankar


Development of Electronic Gadgets for Human Surveillance, Security and Wearable Electronics

 Dr.Dheeraj Agrawal

Palak Dubey


Ground station Development for Students

 Dr.Sangeeta Nakhate

Saurabh Murjani


Hybrid Vehicle Challenge


Shreyansh Pandey

 Equipment Available:

  1. Conventional Lathe
  2. Drilling Machine
  3. Welding Machine
  4. Air Compressor
  5. Grinding Machine
  6. Sheet metal cutting equipment
  7. Micrometers
  8. Vernier Calipers
  9. Height Gauges
  10. Hand Tools for job works

To design, manufacture and launch NANO satellite from MANIT, Bhopal

Faculty In-Charge:

Dr.Shailendra Jain,
Department of Electrical Engineering

Faculty Coordinators:

Dr. Sangeeta Nakhate, Department of Electronics and Communications

Dr.C.M.Krishna, Department of Mechanical Engineering

Dr..K.R.Aharwal, Department of Mechanical Engineering

Dr.Arvind Rajawat, Department of Electronics Engineering

Dr.Kushwaha, Department of Physics

Student Coordinators:

A group of twenty students from final year, pre-final year and second year from all the core branches

  Faculty In-Charge:


Faculty Coordinators:

Dr.Mohan K Pradhan, Dr.Sasi Kumar, Dr.S.Suresh, Dr.Prashant Baredar, Dr.Lilita Gupta, Dr.Pankaj Swarnakar, Dr.Deepak Kumar Tomar

Department Coordinators:

Computer Science and Engineering:  

Dr.Deepak Singh Tomar,
(O) 0755-4051304,
(R) 0755-4052645, 
(M) 09827225851

Electronics and Communications Engineering: 

Dr.Lalita Gupta
Phone: 0755-4051519

Electrical Engineering:

Dr. Pankaj Swarnakar
Phone: (O) 0755-4051417
 (M) 9754129339

Mechanical Engineering

Dr.Mohan Kumar Pradhan
Office : 1632 , (M) 8889152316

Civil Engineering:

Dr.Ruchi Khare
(O) 0755-4051391
 (M) 9425607454

Materials Science and Metallurgical Engineering  : 

Phone: 0755-4051750
 (M): 8989005394

Chemical Engineering:

Dr.S.Suresh   Phone: +91 8989005393, 
Email: sureshpecchem[at]gmail[dot]com,

Energy Centre:

Dr.Prashant V Baredar
(M)+91 9406511666,
(O) 07554051259,




MOU with Industries in last two years:

  1. M/s Applied Materials India Limited

A computing laboratory has been established with four systems and three softwares viz., (i) Ansys 1.4, (ii) Hyper works and (iii) Autodesk.  This will help MANIT students to take up industry projects in mechanical engineering field and offer solutions to industry.


  • To make robots and give exposure to this technology to students
  • To develop innovative projects that is useful to the society.
  • To prepare students for national and international level technical events.

Faculty In-Charge:


Dr. Gajendra Dixit, Professor,
Department of Mechanical Engineering


Students of PG/UG are involved in projects related to robotics and automation.


  • To provide a platform (equipped with latest facilities) for MANIT students to acquire and further enrich their designing and programming skills.
  • To provide a social networking platform through internet radio, exclusively for MANIT students to enhance connectivity and sense of belongingness with each other.
  • To provide web based services to the institute.
  • To provide hands on experience of web server maintenance.
  • To gather and maintain the information for web site updation

 Faculty In-Charge:

Dr.Deepak Singh Tomar,
Department of Computer Science Engineering


    To create awareness and provide guidance to academic, students, scholars, and outside agencies on the practices and the rules regarding intellectual property rights
    To design the obligations within the framework of the IPR policy of the institute.
    The cell in the institute is responsible for monitoring intellectual properties and violations.

 Faculty In-Charge:

    Dr.Vinita Mohindra,
Department of Humanities and Social Sciences


    To inculcate a culture of innovation driven through student projects
    To act as an institutional mechanism for providing various services including information on all aspects of enterprise building to budding S&T entrepreneurs.
    To create entrepreneurial culture in the patent institution and other institutions in the region
    To catalyze and promote of S&T knowledge based enterprises and promote employment opportunities in the innovative areas.
    To respond effectively to the emerging challenges and opportunities both at national and international level relating to SMEs and micro enterprises.

 Faculty In-Charge:

Dr. Manoj Arya,
Department of Mechanical Engineering

In response to the Government of India Start up India program MANIT Rolta Incubation Centre, Bhopal has been listed in Startup India action plan document (pdf) dated 16th January 2016 as one of authority to issue letter of recommendation to the start up applicants.

Objective: This initiative aims at fostering entrepreneurship and promoting innovation by creating an ecosystem that is conducive for growth of Start-ups. This initiative will go a significant way in reiterating Government of India’s commitment to making India the hub of innovation, design and Start-ups.


Coordinator (Start up):  


Dr. Arvind Kumar
Assistant Professor,
Department of Mechanical Engineering
M: 9826674815
 E-mail: arvind05kumar[at]rediffmail[dot]com


dr. m. k. pradhan Dr. M K Pradhan

Activities:  Start up activities has already been started. New ventures have started their activities in the centre. A tri-party MOU has been signed between Bhopal Smart City Development Corporation Limited (BSCDCL), DAuto and MANIT Rolta Incubation Centre (MRIC) for availing various engineering services and technical support. First project under the MOU is under way.

Dr. A Rehman
Chairman, MANIT Rolta Incubation MANIT Center
Email - nitars90[at]gmail[dot]com
phone(O) - 0755-4051900
Mobile - +91-7772903985