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Wednesday, 29 Nov 2023

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  A Message To Students

Dr Aruna Saxena


I hope this letter finds you in good health and high spirits. As the head of the Training and Placement Cell of our esteemed institute, I wanted to address an important issue that concerns each one of you regarding the current job market situation. We anticipate a decrease in hiring activities across various industries, due to the ongoing recession thereby making the competition for placements more intense this season. Considering the challenges presented by the current situation, it is crucial for all of you to actively develop and enhance your skills during the ongoing summer break to maximize your chances of securing employment opportunities.

The job market is ever-evolving and uncertainties prevail. Recruiters today are looking for candidates who possess a diverse range of skills that align with the requirements of the industry. By developing expertise in specific areas, you can differentiate yourself from other applicants and stand out in the competitive job market. In uncertain times like these, individuals with a growth mindset and a commitment to continuous learning are highly sought after by potential employers. By expanding your skill set, you open doors to new opportunities and career paths

The students who are targeting core industry roles, as well as IT/non-core roles must focus on developing skills relevant to their chosen fields. It is vital to focus on enhancing technical competencies related to your specific discipline. This may include learning new software tools, staying updated with industry standards and practices, and developing a strong foundation in theoretical concepts. In addition to technical skills, do not overlook the importance of soft skills, such as communication, teamwork, problem-solving, etc. These skills are highly valued by employers and play a crucial role in your overall development.

For the students who are currently pursuing summer internships, you must focus on securing Pre-Placement Offers (PPO) given the existing economic conditions. It is important to understand the competitive nature of the job market that lies ahead. Therefore, it is essential for you to maximize your chances of securing a PPO and obtaining a job offer from your current internship organization. Showcase a strong work ethic, and dedication and consistently deliver high-quality results.

I encourage you all to work hard, remain focused, and put in your utmost effort. Feel free to reach out to the Training and Placement Cell for guidance and support for your placement journey. I wish you the very best in your upcoming endeavors.

Prof. Aruna Saxena(TPO)
Prof. & Head
Training Placement Cell
Mob:-+91 7898216935
LinkedIn:- Training  Placement Cell
Email id:- tpwnitb[at]gmai[dot]com

Faculty Members

Director MANIT Bhopal

Training Placement Officer 
Dr. Aruna Saxena (7898216935)
Email- tpwnitb[at]gmail[dot]com

Head of the Departments 
Dr. N. P. Patidar, Department of Electrical  Engineering

Dr. Deepak Singh Tomar,  Department of Computer Science Engineering

 Dr. Rajesh Gupta, Department of Mechanical Engineering

Dr. P. K. Agarwal,  Department of Civil Engineering

Dr. R.N. Yadav,  Department of Electronics and Communication Engineering

Dr. Vijaya Kumar Bulasara, Department of Chemical Engineering

Dr. Sanjay Shrivastava, Department of MME

Dr. Prashant Baredar, Energy Center

Dr. Jagdish Singh, Department of Architecture & Planning

Dr. Suchi Shrivastava, Department of Business Administration.

Dr. Namita Shrivastva, Department of  Mathematics, Bio-Informatics & Computer Application.

Dr. Fozia Z. Haque, Department of  Physics

Dr. Amit Dubey, Department of Chemistry

Branch-wise Faculty coordinators & Contact Number

Dr. Hergovind Singh (MBA) 9165735709
Dr. Lalita Gupta (ECE) 9425017886 
Dr. D. K Raghuvanshi (ECE) 9425601751
Dr. Amit Ojha (EE) 9826028251
Dr. Shudhanshu Kumar (Mech) 7878553343
Dr. Manish Viswakarma (MECH) 7869301952
Dr. Suresh Gawre (EE) 7869301917
Dr. Mukesh Kirar (EE) 9302758960
Dr. Vijay Bhaskar Semwal (CSE) 7541805885
Dr. Bhola Nath Roy (CSE) 9167470095
Dr. Rajshree Kamat (Arch) 9179732524
Dr. Rajeev Parmar (Chemical) 9085305670
Dr. Vivek Garg (Civil) 9826063067
Dr. Neeraj Tiwari (Civil) 9826071495
Dr. H. L.Tiwari (Civil) 7869301978
Dr. Amit Telang (Mechanical) 9826642865
Dr. Piyush Kumar (Physics) 8349703019
Dr. R.K, Nayak (MME) 8763724080
Dr. Amit Bhagat (MCA) 9827721214
Dr. Archana Soni (Energy) 9993943780
Dr. Gaurav Dwivedi (Energy) 9872193532
Dr. Puspendra Kumar (MDS) 9759720891
Dr. Amit Dubey (Chemistry) 8085385963

Training, Placement Staff

Mrs. Ajitha George PA to Dr. Aruna Saxena ( TPO)
Mr. Sundar Lal
Mr. Daan Singh
Mr. Sandeep Mishra

TPO Student Committee 2023-24

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Placement Policies

Students of batch 2023-24 attending the campus process may note the following placement regulations:-

One Student One Job:

1. Every student eligible for the campus recruitment is entitled to only one job. The student is not allowed to exchange the job once he gets placed in a company.  They are advised to study the company portfolio before they apply.

2. The students who get a placement offer or a pre-placement offer on the basis of their 3rd-year interns are not allowed to appear for any other placement program offered by any company except the dream company.

3. The same will be applied on final and pre-final year internships. Students who get an on-campus internship are not eligible for any other on-campus internship.

4. If a student is selected for full time hiring or internship through coding contest, hackathon, or any other competitive event promoted by the T&P cell, then they can further apply for on campus companies.

Dream Status Policy:

Although usually, we do not give dream status to any company to ensure following our major policy, One Student One Job, the institute would be giving Dream Status to certain companies based on their market reputation and the profile that is being offered to students. The eligibility of the company for “Dream Status” lies solely in the hands of the Training & Placement Officer.


Public Sector Undertaking Companies:

If a student gets selected in any PSU (Either Dream or Normal), he/she is not eligible for any other company, whatsoever be the company’s status.

Sponsored Candidates:

  • Sponsored Students of M.Tech / MBA / MUDP and Ph.D. are not allowed for the campus.
  • M.Tech (Self-financed) students are allowed to sit for the campus

New Policies:

  1. Earlier, those who would receive only 6M offers, were allowed to sit only in FTE companies with higher packages. But, keeping in mind the current job scenario, now they are allowed to sit in only FTE companies with either a higher package than the 6M company or with less than or equal to 12 LPA packages.
  2. Now, those who would receive or have received only FTE offers, will be allowed to participate in only 6M internship drives of lower package than the 12 LPA.
  3. 2M Internship Policy: Students who have completed a 2-month internship are eligible to sit for placements in every company. However, if they receive an offer from a company with a higher CTC than their internship company, they must notify the TPO via email on the same day, expressing their disinterest in the Pre-Placement Offer (PPO). Failure to send the email will result in their debarment from the placement season, avoiding multiple job offers. The same is for 11 months interenship of Mtech.
  4. Professional Conduct: We emphasize the importance of maintaining a positive image for our institute. If a student is found engaging in misconduct with a company's HR on social media platforms after graduation, their degree will be withheld for one year. This measure aims to prevent any tarnishing of MANIT's reputation after completion of your degree.
  5. For students who have a 6-month internship in one company and receive a full-time employment (FTE) offer from another company, it is important to note that the date of joining (DOJ) should align with the FTE offer. The Training and Placement Cell (TPC) will not facilitate any requests for changing the DOJ as it can disrupt the joining schedule for other students. Once the company has provided the final dates, they will be considered binding.
  6. A crucial addition to the policy is that students must compulsorily accept the offer from their dream company. Only if they intend to join that particular company should they apply for it during the placement process. This ensures that students prioritize and commit to their dream job opportunities, promoting transparency and preventing wastage of valuable placement resources.

These policies have been implemented from 15th July 2023 to enhance the placement opportunities for all students and contribute to our institute's NIRF ranking. We appreciate your understanding and adherence to these guidelines, as they will collectively contribute to the success and growth of each individual and our institution as a whole.

Responsibilities for SPOC Person in TPC:

  1. Completion of Company Files: The SPOC person, in coordination with TPC Office is responsible for completing the file of each company within the same week of the completion of the recruitment process.
  2. Monitoring PPO Declarations: The SPOC person will ensure that the Pre-Placement Offer (PPO) status is promptly communicated by the company. They will keep track of the date of joining and the receipt of offer letters by the selected students.
  3. Intimation of Offer Letter Declines: In cases where selected students choose to decline an offer letter, it is the responsibility of the SPOC person to inform the TPC promptly.
  4. Timely Student Notice Preparation: The SPOC person will ensure that student notices are prepared by the TPC Office well in advance and communicated to the students in a timely manner.
  5. Coordination of Hospitality and Transportation: The SPOC person, in collaboration with the TPC Office, will manage all necessary arrangements for hospitality and transportation during the recruitment process.

Additional Guidelines:

  • The SPOC person will be appointed exclusively from the Students TPC Committee.
  • Personal email communication with company HRs is strictly prohibited for the SPOC person. All interactions with company representatives should be conducted through official channels.

These policies and guidelines are in place to ensure smooth operations and effective coordination within the Training and Placement Cell (TPC) and to maintain a professional approach throughout the recruitment process.

General Rules:


1.    Register for the on-campus placements only when you are interested in appearing in the same. Students who are not sitting for on-campus placements are strictly forbidden to register for the same. If a student do not participate in further procedure of any company after registration then he/she will be debarred from the next three company of the concerned branch.

Selection process

2. The presence in the Pre-Placement Talk (PPT) is compulsory for all the students who are attending the company’s recruitment procedure, otherwise they would not be allowed to sit for the remaining proceedings. The doors of the PPT hall will be closed 5 min prior to the starting of PPT.

3.  Any student who is found not attending the complete selection process of any company will be debarred from attending the selection process for next 3 companies of the concerned branch.

4. After interview irrespective of the outcome the student has to submit a feedback in Training and Placement cell on the interview day itself.


4.  Any student who gets caught in cheating activities during the company’s test will be debarred completely from the campus recruitment program of entire session.

5. Deliberate forgery of any kind or sharing any wrong information with the T&P cell, (as sharing incorrect pointers in the registered data, or mentioning misleading information on the resume) will lead to expulsion of the candidate from the entire placement process for the complete session.

6.  Any student, who is found misbehaving with the company executives/ T&P Staff will be debarred from attending the entire selection process of the concerned branch. If any student or guardian of any student is found trying to contact or influence of HR will be debarred from entire session. So students are advised not to indulge with company HR during or after campus.

7.  After placement, if a student is found involved in forgery or any non-disciplinary act (like involvement in cheating activities during online test) necessary actions for job cancellation will be taken by the T&P cell and a report of the same will also be sent to the company’s HR.

8.  If a student is found giving online test from any other place except the venue decided by the T&P cell, a case of forgery and cheating will be registered by T&P cell and student will be debarred from entire session.


Pre-placement offers

9.  Any student, who is found contacting the company executives regarding the cancellation of PPOs or any other such matters, will be debarred from attending the entire campus selection process.

10.  If a student is not interested in the company offering PPO, he/she must not participate in the internship test procedure itself. 


11.  If any student volunteer of the Training & Placement committee is found in any non-disciplinary act like giving misinformation to the TPC or to the company executives, forgery, involvement in cheating in the tests or in any other unlawful activities, they would immediately be removed from the student’s TPC and information will be forwarded to the departmental HOD for action.

12.  If any of the TPO Student committee members is found not contributing his/her services sincerely in the cell for, he/ she will be removed from the said committee.

13. Student TPC members are not allowed for any kind of invigilation in any of the company’s test process.  In case any student is found doing invigilation, he/she will be removed from the TPC.



  1. Persons who are not allotted duties for the specified online test of a company must not be present for invigilation.
  2. Mobile phones or any other electronics item are strictly not allowed while giving online tests. Keeping the mobile phone in silent mode or in switched off mode will be taken as a cheating activity. T&P cell is not responsible if the mobile phones are found to be missing.
  3. Students need to bring college id-cards for the online tests otherwise they won’t be allowed to write the test.
  4. All online tests will be conducted as per the preference given by company.
  5. Nobody will be allowed to enter the hall/lab after the scheduled time for the test.
  6. Nobody is allowed to leave the hall/lab during the test.
  7. Company wise online test team should coordinate with the overall online team for the smooth conduction of online test. Company wise online test team will not be allowed to enter the hall.
  8. It is mandatory to sign attendance register during the online test. No rough sheet or attendance sheet will be circulated inside the hall. Attendance will be verified with the results of the test and then only results will be announced.
  9. If any student is caught in any cheating activities during the online test, he/ she will be debarred from the complete campus since it affects the name and reputation of the institute.


  1. Students are not allowed to carry water bottles or snacks in the labs.
  2. It is compulsory for the students to write their name and scholar number on the rough sheets used during the test.
  3. Students are advised to plug in the LAN cable and the power plugs back to their respective locations. You are under the surveillance of CCTV cameras and actions would be taken against student caught violating the rule.
  4. If any electronic accessories is found to be missing after any online test, then the price of that particular accessories will be contributed by each students appeared on that particular online test within 2 days.

Violating any of the above rules will lead to debarment of the candidate from next two companies of the respective branch.

Past Recruiters



Nokia Networks

Abacus Consult.

Fiat Automobiles

Nucleus Soft.

Abb Ltd.

Fiat Gr. (Mgntti)

Nuegen Soft.

Acc Ltd.


One97 Commn.


Futures First

Oracle Applications Dev


Gammon India

Oracle Fin. Serv.

Adobe System

Global Anltcs.

Oss Cubes Ltd.

Afcons (Mmbai)

Godrej, Mumbai

Parul Instt.

Agrawal-Sagar Gr.


Pepsico Ltd.

Akash Instt.


Persistent Tech.

Alchem (Fbd.)


Pheonix Mritime.


Heg Ltd.

Pi Inds. Ltd.


Heidelberg Cement

Polaris Soft.

Amdocs Ltd.

Heidenberg Cmnt

Ramky Db

Analytic Quotient

Hero Motocorp.

Rancore Tech. (Unit-Rjil)

Angelique Constructions




Honda Cars

Reinspire Tech.

Applied Mtrls. Ltd.

Honda Two Wheelers

Rel. Jio Infocom.

Aricent Gr.


Resonance Edn.

Ashok Leyland

Hscc Ltd.

Ritebanbc (Bpl.)

Atmiya Instt.

I.B.M. Ltd.

Samsung Sel

Avizva Ltd.

I.T.W. India

Samsung Siso

B.O.R.L., Bina 

Icici Securities

 Samsung. Hi (Delhi.)

Bajaj Auto Ltd.

Idea Cellular

Sapient Nitro

Bajaj Energy

Ideal Instt.

Secure Mtrs.


Impetus Tech.

Seeker'S Point

Bharti Infra.

India Bulls

Shapoorji Pallonji,

Bloomberg Univ.


Siemens Ltd.


Infogain India

Sistec College

Bpcl, Mumbai

Infosys Tech.


Cactus Global

Jindal Stainless

Sony India Ltd.


Jk Tyres

Spit Univ.

Capillary Tech.

Jsw Steel

Sr Patel Univ.

Capital Iq

Kolte Patil


C-Dot, N. Dlhi.

Kribhco Ltd.


Ceat Tyres

L&T Ecc

Systango, Indore

Coal India

L&T Hed, Powai

Tata Motors


L&T Infotech.

Tcs Ltd.


L&T Tech. (Ies)

Trident Gr.

Crompton Grvs.

M&M Ltd.

Unisys Soft.


Maruti Su0zuki

Uttam Galwa


Meccademia Edn.






Verizon Data

Deloitte Soft.

Mirka India

Virtusa India


Misys Tech.

Volvo Eicher

Drishti Soft.

Morgan Stanley



Morgan Stanley


Exl, Bangalore


ZS Associates

F.C.S. (Tek), Hyd.

Nagarro Software


Guidelines for Students
Below are the following guidelines to be followed by the Students appearing for Campus selection:
•    The Students of 2023-24 batch may note that the Eligibility Criteria fixed for attending Campus Selection process are as under:-
1.    Only those Students with 75% attendance will be allowed to appear in the Campus Recruitment/ interviews.
2.    There should not be any proctorial record of the Students attending the campus process.
3.    Students with 6.0 CGPA and above aggregate marks will be allowed to attend the selection process.
•    All Students appearing for the campus placement including the volunteers, are supposed to dress up in formals (boys – full sleeve shirt, formal trousers & shoes; Girls – Formal dress only will be allowed), right from the beginning of PPT till end of entire selection process. 
•    Students are advised to not interact directly with the visiting company Executives as it might create confusion during the selection process.
•    It is mandatory for a student who clears any one level of the selection process of campus recruitment to necessarily appear for the next level. For example, if a student has cleared the written test then he has to appear for the further rounds of the process.
•    Strict discipline will be maintained during the placement activity.The placement cell would be very strict regarding all its policies.  Anyone found disobeying them would be debarred from the placement and may lose their jobs. Student’s behavior in presence of the company executives, in particular, frames the image of the Institution.  Students should conduct themselves properly and not make any attempt to tarnish the image of the Institute, failing which the miscreants will have to face adverse consequences by the proctorial committee.
•    The departmental faculty coordinators will check the ID cards of the students before the written test is started.
•    The departmental faculty coordinators along with company HR will invigilate the students during the written test.
•    Students will not be allowed to carry any electronic gadgets (cell phones, programmable calculators) in the examination hall.
•    Any students found involved in indisciplinary activities like hooliganism will face sever consequences.
•   Signing the attendance in attendance register is compulsory while entering the test hall. Student is himself responsible for the same, or else their submitted test would not  be accepted.
•   Be present 30 minutes prior to the test. No student will be allowed to enter the hall after the beginning of the test.
•   Only college id will be accepted during entry in the test hall.

 Document Checklist
1.    College Identity Proof  (Student identity card)
2.    Alternate Identity Proof (Driving License, PAN card, Voter Id, Aadhar Card, Passport)
3.    Student CV (Curriculum Vitae)
4.    Caste Certificate
5.    Passport size Photograph (Minimum two)
6.    Mark sheets of 10th, 12th, and all semesters
7.    Certificates of Achievements
8.    Internship/Training Certificates
9.    Minor Project and Major Project reports