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Monday, 27 Jun 2022

Dr. Abhinav Varshney

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Dr. Abhinav Varshney

NAME       :      Dr. Abhinav Varshney


Assistant Professor




  • Office: S-07, Second Floor, Department of Mechanical Engineering
  • Residence: 6/25, MANIT Campus, MANIT, Bhopal


Date of Birth

  12th September 1986

Educational Qualification

  • PhD (2016), IIT Kanpur
  • M.Tech. (2011), IIT Roorkee
  • B.Tech. (2009), Gautam Buddh Technical University, Lucknow


  • Post-doctoral consultant at materials modelling group, GE India technology centre, Bengaluru from 30th January 2017 to 29th December 2017.
  • Assistant Professor (Under TEQIP-III) at SGSITS, Indore from 3rd January 2018 to 3rd January 2019.
  • Assistant Professor at MANIT, Bhopal from 7th January 2019 to till date.


  • Phase Transformations
  • Smart Materials
  • Failure analysis
  • Mechanical behavior of structural materials



  1. A.Varshney, K. Mondal, S. Sangal, Cold work induced stability of retained austenite at elevated temperature in medium carbon high silicon steels, Materials Science and Engineering A, 832 (2022) 142455.
  2. A. Varshney, S.Sangal, A.K. Pramanick, K.Mondal, On the extent of transformation of austenite to bainitic ferrite and carbide during austempering of high Si steel for prolonged duration and its effect on mechanical properties, Materials Science and Engineering A, 793 (2020) 139764.
  3. A.Varshney, S.Sangal, Gouthama, A.K. Pramanick, K. Mondal, Microstructural evidence of nano-carbides in medium carbon high silicon multiphase steels, Materials Science and Engineering A, 708 (2017), 237-247.
  4. Govindakrishnan, A.Varshney, P.Venkitanarayanan, K.Mondal, Effect of dynamic change in strain rate on mechanical and stress corrosion cracking behavior of a mild steel, Journal of Materials Engineering and Performance, 26 (2017) 2619-2631.
  5. A.Varshney, S.Sangal, K.Mondal, Exceptional work-hardening behaviour of medium-carbon high-silicon low-alloy steels, Metallurgical and Materials Transactions A, 48 (2017), 589-593.
  6. S.Monia, A.Varshney, Gouthama, S.Sangal, K.Mondal, S,Kundu, S Samanta, Effect of Intercritical temperature on the structure property correlation of multiphase high carbon spheroidized steel, Journal of Material Engineering and Performance, 25(2016) 623-634.
  7. A.Varshney, S.Sangal, S.Kundu, K.Mondal, Super strong and highly ductile low alloy multiphase steels consisting of bainite, ferrite and retained austenite, Materials & Design, 65 (2016) 75-88.
  8. A.Varshney, S.Sangal, S.Kundu, K.Mondal, Superior work hardening behavior of moderately high carbon low alloy super strong and ductile multiphase steels with dispersed retained austenite, Materials & Design, 99 (2016) 439-448.
  9. A.Varshney, S.Sangal, K.Mondal, Strain partitioning and load transfer in constituent phases in dual-phase steels, Journal of Materials Engineering and Performance, 25 (2016) 3993-4003.
  10. A.Varshney, D.Verma, S.Sangal, K.Mondal, High strength high carbon low alloy pearlite- ferrite-tempered martensite steels, IIM Transactions, 68 (2015) 117-128.
  11. S.Monia, A.Varshney, Gouthama, S.Sangal, K.Mondal, S,Kundu, S Samanta, Development of highly ductile spheroidized steel from high carbon low alloy steels, Journal of Materials Engineering and Performance, 24 (2015) 4527-4542.

Member of professional bodies

Life member of Powder Metallurgy Association of India (PMAI)

Life Member of Indian Institute of Metals (IIM)

Country        Visited

  • Sweden from 9th August 2016 to 20th August 2019 to attend Nordic Summer Colloquium on Advanced Steels (NSCAS) 2016
  • Darmstadt, Germany from 23rd September to 25th September 2014 to present work in Materials Science and Engineering Conference

Achievements/ Awards

Awarded IIM SAIL Gold medal for best paper in ferrous category by Indian Institute of Metals during National Metallurgist Day 2016 at IIT Kanpur.

Number of P.G. Projects guided

            01 (Completed)

             02 (Ongoing)

Project/ undertaken

Design and Development of an instrument for real time assessment of ferromagnetic phase fraction in ferrous alloys funded by Department of Science and Technology, New Delhi

Administrative work done

  • Faculty Incharge, Examinations
  • Faculty Coordinator, Rolta Incubation Centre
  • In-charge, Vehicle Section
  • Co-Cordinator Department Time-Table
  • Member, UG Admissions Committee 2019-2020

Any other information

Active Reviewer of

  • Materials Science and Engineering A
  • Journal of Metal, Alloys and Compounds
  • Steel Research International
  • Material Letters