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Dr. Gaurav Dwivedi

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Dr. Gaurav Dwivedi

Name     :      Dr Gaurav Dwivedi


    Assistant Professor




6/40, Type VI, MANIT Bhopal-462003, India


Date of Birth

  17 Aug 1984

Educational Qualification

B. Tech (Mech.) IKGPTU, M. Tech (AHES) IIT Roorkee, PhD (Renewable Energy) IIT Roorkee


 7 years


 Renewable Energy ( Fuel & Engine)



  • International Journals- 47
  • National Journal: 2
  •  National Conference :8
  • International Conference: 15
  • Book: 1
  • Book Chapter :2

                                               Total Publication ___75___

List of (SCI & Scopus Paper)

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Member of professional bodies

  1. Asia-Pacific Chemical, Biological & Environmental Engineering Society (APCBEES)
  2. Institute of Research Engineers and Doctors (IRED)
  3. Asian Federation of Biotechnology (AFOB)

Country        Visited


Achievements/ Awards

  1. MHRD Scholarship in PhD. (2012-2016)
  2. MHRD Scholarship in M. Tech. (2009-2011)
  3. GATE 2009, 2012
  4. Certificate of Appreciation (2008): Educational Improvement of Institution
  5. Young Scientist Award in Renewable and Sustainable Energy at ICGTEPC-2014 at NIT  Trichy- 2014
  6. Best Paper Presentation Award at ICRDME-2019 DST Sponsored International Conference S.A. Engineering College Chennai.

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