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Wednesday, 19 Feb 2020

Dr. Priyanka Paliwal

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  Dr. Priyanka Paliwal

Dr. Priyanka Paliwal


  Assistant Professor


Electrical Engineering Department, MANIT, Bhopal

Date of Birth


Educational Qualification



  10 Years


  Power system planning, Distributed generation and microgrids, Renewable energy systems.


  • International Journals   -06
  • National Journal
  •  National Conference.
  • International Conference- 04

                                               Total Published Paper 10


  1. “Planning of grid integrated distributed generators: A review of technology, objectives and techniques” Renewable and Sustainable Energy Reviews, Elsevier, , December 2014, Pages 557-570.
  2. "Determination of Reliability Constrained Optimal Resource Mix for an Autonomous Hybrid Power System using Particle Swarm Optimization," Renewable Energy, Elsevier, , March 2014, Pages 194-204
  3. "A Novel Method for Reliability Assessment of Autonomous PV-Wind-Storage System using Probabilistic Storage Model," International Journal of Electric Power and Energy Systems, Elsevier., ,Vol. 55, Feb. 2014, pp. 692-703.
  4. P. Paliwal and N. P. Patidar, "Investigating Storage Options for Renewable Energy based Distributed Generators," International Journal of Power System Control and Optimization, Vol.2, No.1, pp. 219-224, January 2010
  5. P. Paliwal, N. P. Patidar and R. K. Nema, "Fuzzy Logic Based Determination of Battery Charging Efficiency Applied to Hybrid Power System," Journal of World Academy of Science, Engineering and Technology, Vol.71, pp. 1164-1168, 2012.
  6. P. Paliwal and N. P. Patidar, "Distributed Generator Placement for Loss Reduction and Improvement in Reliability Academy of Science, Engineering and Technology, Vol.45, pp. 803-807, 2010
  7. P. Paliwal, N. P. Patidar and R. K. Nema, "A Comprehensive Survey of Optimization Techniques used for Distributed Generator Siting and Sizing," in Proceedings of IEEE Southeastcon, Orlando, Florida, pp.1-7, March 2012
  8. M. Swain, S.K. Pradhan, P. Paliwal and S. Nema, “Ripple Torque Management of BLDC Motor: A Review”, International Conference on Electrical, Electronics and Data Communication(ICEEDC), May 2014.
  9. S.K. Bhargava, S.S. Das and Priyanka Paliwal, “Multi-Objective Optimization for Sizing of Solar-Wind Based Hybrid Power System: A Review”, IEEE International Conference on Innovations in Engineering and Technology 21-22 March 2014

Member of professional bodies


Country  Visited


Achievements/ Awards

Good Teacher Award by MANIT based on student feedback in 2011.

umber of P.G. Projects guided


Administrative work done

  1. (A)Departmental Level

                          Student Advisor

                          Prof. I/c, Power System Simulation lab

                          Departmental Exam Coordinator

                          Co. Prof. I/c Electrical Engg. Association

                          Prof. I/c, Power Electronics lab

                          Prof. I/c, Microprocessor, Microcontroller, PLC and Drives lab

                          Secretary, Department of Electrical Engg.

                          Prof. I/c, PC lab


  1. (B)Institute Level

                         Advisor to Chairperson, BOG, MANIT, Bhopal

                        Co-coordinator, Public Relation Cell

                        Member, Convocation committee:

                        Member, Committee for preparing ‘vision 2020’ document of the institute committee

Any other information

   A.Short Term Training Programmes Organized:

  1. Short Term Training Programme on “Power Electronics Applications in Renewable Energy Sources”
  2. Short Term Course on “Engineering and Industrial Applications of MATLAB”
  3. Workshop on Disaster Preparedness

  B.A.R & D Projects: Smart Micro Grid Hybrid System under TEQIP-II.

  C.Reviewer of various reputed journals such as IEEE, AIP, Inder Science.