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Wednesday, 29 Nov 2023

Physical Education

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Head, Physical Education & Sports Department
Mr Rajesh Mishra Dr. Rajesh Mishra
Email id:-rajeshmishra[AT}

Head, Physical Education & Sports Department


 I/c Sports Activities

Dr.Shailendra Kumar
Email id:-skdwivedi[AT}

Phone No:-+91 971 637 9527

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Professor I/c Sports Activities

In the last few decades, sports have gained tremendous popularity over the globe. The popularity of sports is still increasing at a fast pace and this happy trend is likely to continue in the future also. Sports have become an important social and cultural activity of modern world. It serves vital social and cultural functions like:

  • Sports help in the all round development of human personality.
  • Provides ample and healthy means of recreation and relaxation of human mind and body.
  • Provide opportunities for social interaction thereby fostering peace and understanding among different people, regions, nations, races and religions.
  • Perform preventive and curative functions for several diseases and ailments inflicting human body and mind.
  • Provide healthy and socially acceptable opportunities for the people to compete against each other thereby touching heights of excellence of human endeavour and attainment.

Therefore the prime objective of inducting games and sports in a technical institution of repute is to provide ample facilities to the students to pursue at least one game of his/her choice and attain proficiency, derive pleasure and relax through this healthy medium, enabling competitive world of today.