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Tuesday, 18 Jun 2019

Reports of STTP/Workshop/Conferences

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Report of FDP on MATLAB and its Applications in Computational Intelligence

Report on Short Term Training Programme Organized by us During 14-18, December 2017 in MANIT.

Report on Two Days workshop on Research Methodology and data Analysis through SPSS(Self Financing )11-12 May, 2017

Report on "Faculty Development Programme,on Advances in Product Design and Manufacturing" (January 3-8, 2017)

Report on STTP On"Advances in Optical Communication & Technologies" (21 to 25 June 2016) 

Report on One Day National Workshop on  Stantups in Engineering : Recent Treads(27th August 2016)

Report of the Self-Financing STTP On Optical Communication and Technologies (I16th - 18th March 2016)

Report of the international Conference on "Trends in Industrial and Mechanical Engineering (IC TIME 2016)"

Report of International Conference on "Bio-Fuels and Bio-Energy"

Report Workshop on "Cyber Security: Fundamentals and Advancement" (WCFFA-2016)

Report on "Advances in Thermal and Renewable System Design" (30th Nov 4th December 2015)

Report on " Role of New Product Development and Intellectual Property Rights in Global Competitiveness" (14th - 18th October 2015)

Report on " Basic Services to Urban Poor: Measure of Social Impact"(16th  OCtober 2015) 

Report on "Awareness Program on Databases of  CMIE for Research Application" (2nd september 2015)

Report on "International conference on Hydraulics,water Resources,Coastal and Environmental Engineering"

Report of STTP "Energy Conversion Systems: Fundamentals and Applications"

Report of STTP "Ordinary and Partial Differential Equation: Analysis and Applications"

Report of STTP "Industrial Engineering Techniques"