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Department of Physics
Maulana Azad National Institute of Technology (MANIT) Bhopal (MP) 462003

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Educational Qualification

Ph.D. (University of Leeds, Leeds UK)
M.Sc. (Physics) (BU, Bhopal)


26 Years


Functional Materials, Solar Photovoltaics


  • 99 Paper in International Journals
  • 01 Paper in National Journal
  • 02 Paper in National Level Conference
  • 12 International Conference
  • Total 114 Papers Published            
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Member of professional bodies

  • Institute of Materials, Minerals and Mining, (IoM3), UK  
  • Life Member Materials Research Society of India (MRSI) 
  • Life Member Vijnana Bharati (VIBHA)
  • Life Member Indian Society for Technical Education (ISTE) 

Country Visited

USA, UK, Canada, France, Germany, Italy, Switzerland , Netherland, Denmark, Austria

Number of Ph.D Projects guided


Number of P.G. Projects guided


Sponsored Research Project undertaken

Ongoing (01):

  • “Development of Novel Bismuth (Bi) based Double Perovskite Multiferroic Ceramics for Device Applications”, Department of Science & Technology-Science & Engineering Research Board    (DST-SERB), MANIT Bhopal, Rs. 48.32 lacs, 03 years, Dr. Rajnish Kurchania.

Completed (12)

  • “Synthesis & Characterisation of Sr, Ba and Pb based Bismuth Titanate Ceramics”, M P Council of     Science and Technology, MANIT Bhopal, Rs. 6.36 lacs, 03 years, Dr. Rajnish Kurchania.
  • “Design and Synthesis of New Conjugated Low Band Gap Polymers Based on “Weak Donor-Strong Acceptor” An Approach for Efficient Bulk Heterojunction Solar Cells” Russian Foundation of Basic Research and Department of Science and Technology (RFBR-DST), JEC Jaipur-MANIT Bhopal-Russian Academy of Sciences Moscow, Russia, Rs. 20 lacs, 02 years, Dr. G. D. Sharma, Dr. Rajnish Kurchania and Prof. A. R. Khokhlov, Institute of Organoelement Compounds,Russian Academy of Sciences, Moscow, Russia
  • “Interactive Systems and Coatings for a Sustainable Built Environment”, British Council-UK-India Education Research Initiative (UKIERI-II), MANIT Bhopal-University of Bath, UK, Rs. 48 lacs, 03 years,             Dr. Rajnish Kurchania and Dr. Richard J. Ball.
  • “Synthesis and Characterisation of Functionalised Ordered Mesoporous Silica Nanocomposites for Advanced Applications”, M P Council of Science and Technology (MPCST), MANIT Bhopal,       Rs. 4.75 lacs/-, 03 years, Dr. Amit Dubey and Dr. Rajnish Kurchania.
  • “Design , Development and Field Testing of a cost Effective Solar Photovoltaic Cell by Implementation of the Nano-Technological Methodologies”, M P Council of Science and Technology, RGPV-MANIT Bhopal, Rs. 7.68 lacs, 03 years, Dr. Rajnish Kurchania and       Dr. V. K. Sethi.
  • “Sustainable Building Materials Intelligent Coatings”, The Royal Academy of Engineering, London, UK, MANIT Bhopal-University of Bath, UK, £3,000/-, 06 months, Dr. Rajnish Kurchania and Dr. R. J. Ball.
  • “Surface Morphological Investigations of Nanomaterials Using AFM”, MANIT Bhopal, Grant in Aid MHRD Rs.51.50 lacs, MANIT Bhopal, 06 months, Dr. M. M. Malik and Dr. Rajnish Kurchania.
  • “Structural Studies of Nanocrystalline Materials and Thin Films”, M P Council of Science and Technology, RGPV Bhopal, Rs. 4.88 lacs, 02 years, Dr. V. Rathore and   Dr. Rajnish Kurchania.
  • “Tuneable Dielectrics for Microwave Applications”, Engineering & Physical Sciences Research Council, University of Leeds (UK), £2,21,922/-,   02 years, Prof. A. J. Bell and Dr. Rajnish Kurchania.
  • “Non-destructive Testing of Thermal Barrier Coatings (TBCs) for Turbine Blades”, RWE npower, University of Bath (UK), £1,50,000/-, 02 years, Dr. Darryl Almond, Dr. Ron Stevens, Mr. Steve Kenney and  Dr. Rajnish Kurchania.
  • “Development of on-line Electro-chemical Sensors for Molten Metals”, Engineering & Physical Sciences Research Council (EPSRC), UK and Britannia Refined Metals Ltd. University of Leeds (UK), £1,73,273/-,     03 years, Dr. G. M. Kale and Dr. Rajnish Kurchania.
  • “Ferroelectric, Pyroelectric, Piezoelectric and Superconducting Properties of Electronic Ceramics”, Indo-US, IIT Delhi and Pennsylvania State University USA [DST-Office of Naval Research (ONRL), USA], Rs.35 lacs, 03 years Dr. D. C. Dube, Dr. S. C. Mathur. Dr. H. O. Yadav and

Dr. Rajnish Kurchania.

Conference/Seminar Organised

  1. Convenor and organizing secretary of three days duration                “19th National Seminar on Ferroelectrics & Dielectrics XIX-NSFD 2016” December 19-21, 2016 at MANIT, Bhopal was attended by 200 participants, 20 Invited speakers.
  2. Member of the National Steering Committee of the “International Conference on Technologically Advanced Materials and Asian Meeting on Ferroelectricity (ICTAM-AMF10)” November 07-11, 2016 Delhi University, Delhi and Society for Technologically Advanced Materials of India (STAMI).
  3. Coordinator of two weeks Indian Society for Technical Education (ISTE)/Short Term Training Programme (STTP) on “Engineering Physics” in collaboration with IIT Bombay sponsored by MHRD from 08-18 Dec 2015 at MANIT Bhopal.
  4. Convenor of a one-day International workshop sponsored by UK-India Education Research Initiatives-Thematic Partnership programme on "Green Buildings and Sustainable Technologies" 07th Dec 2013 at IIT, Delhi.
  5. Convenor of a two day’s workshop sponsored by UK-India Education Research Initiatives-Thematic Partnership programme on "Interactive Systems, Nanosolar Photovoltaics and Coatings for Sustainable Built Environment" 10-11 Jan 2013 at MANIT, Bhopal.
  6. Member of the National Advisory Committee of the International conference on "Emerging Technologies Micro to Nano-2013 (ETMN-2013)" jointly organised by CEERI-Pilani and BITS-Pilani at BITS Goa campus Feb 23-24, 2013.
  7. Member of the local organizing committee of the International Conference and Workshop on Nanostructured Ceramics and other Nanomaterials (ICWNCN) organized by the Department of Physics and Astrophysics, University of Delhi, Delhi March 13-16, 2012.
  8. Technical Co-Chair of the organizing committee of International Conference on Sustainable Habitat Summit, organized by IIT Delhi, December 9-11, 2011, Delhi.
  9. Co-Convenor of a one-week Mission 10X ISTE/WIPRO sponsored workshop on High Impact Teaching from 21-25 Feb 2011 at MANIT Bhopal.
  10. Convenor of a one-week National workshop (STTP) sponsored by MPCST and RGPV on Recent Advances in Nanotechnology from 2-6 June 2008 at Rajiv Gandhi Proudyogiki Vishwavidyalaya Bhopal.
  11. Member of the organizing committee of 15th International Conference on New Horizons of Mechanical Engineering, March 2008, RGPV Bhopal.
  12. Member of the organizing committee of International Conference on Global Institute of Flexible Systems Management (GLOGIFT), Dec 2005, RGPV Bhopal.
  13. Member of the organizing committee of 55 years of Ferroelectrics A Symposium to mark the 80th birthday of Professor L.E. Cross, September 2003, UK Ferroelectrics Network, Leeds, UK.

Book/proceedings published

  • Book chapter published in “Advances in Materials Science Research”, Chapter 7, vol. 29, pp. 237- 259, (2017) “The effect of A-site and B-site isovalent doping in bismuth titanate ceramics on its dielectric and ferroelectric properties”, Edited by Maryann C Wythers, Nova Science Publishers New York. ISSN: 2159-1997, ISBN:978-1-5361-806-3
  • New Horizons of Mechanical Engineering, ISBN 81-88901-34-2, 2008, Elite.

Achievements and Awards

  • Board of Studies for Faculty of Engineering and Design had appointed as Senior Visiting Research Fellow in the Department of Architecture and Civil Engineering University of Bath, United Kingdom.
  • Recipient of UK-India Education Research Initiative-Thematic Partnership (UKIERI-II) project with the University of Bath, United Kingdom.
  • Recipient of the Royal Academy of Engineering London (UK): Research Exchange Award with the University of Bath United Kingdom.
  • Recipient of the Overseas Research Student (ORS) Award from the Committee of Vice-Chancellors and Principals (CVCP) of the Universities of the United Kingdom.
  • Recipient of the Tetley-Lupton Scholarship from the University of Leeds, United Kingdom.
  • Established a new University Teaching Department (UTD) in the area of Nanotechnology from scratch at Rajiv Gandhi Proudyogiki Vishwavidyalaya (RGPV) Technical University of MP Bhopal and headed it since its inception from July 2008 to May 2010.

Administrative work done

  • Head, Department of Physics, MANIT, Jan. 2019 to Dec. 2020
  • Head, Department of Chemistry, MANIT, Oct. 2020 to till date
  • Professor, Department of Physics, MANIT since Dec. 2018
  • Associate Dean (PG & PhD) MANIT, March 2015 to April 2017
  • Head, Department of Physics, MANIT, July 2013 to June 2016
  • Chairman Board of Studies (BOS) and Departmental Postgraduate Research Committee (DPRC) (2018 to 2020 and 2013-2016)
  • Associate Professor, Department of Physics, MANIT, May 2010 to Dec 2018
  • Acted as External Examiner/Expert for Ph.D./M. Tech./M.Sc. thesis evaluation and viva-voce examination, also in various selection committees for faculty and research project staff appointments.
  • Founder Head School of Nanotechnology Rajiv Gandhi Proudyogiki Vishwavidyalaya (RGPV) Technical University of MP Bhopal from July 2008 to May 2010.
  • Prepared and presented the Nanotechnology departmental profile and proposal to the University Grants Commission (UGC) committee for financial assistance under XIth five-year plan.
  • Successful in securing Rs. 1.08 Crores from UGC under XIth five-year plan at RGPV.
  • Member of the M P Council of Science and Technology (MPCST) constituted Task Force in the field of Nanotechnology.


Any other information

Editor/member of editorial board/review of international scientific journals:

  • International Journal of Applied Ceramic Technology, USA,            Wiley-Blackwell/Amr. Cer. Soc.
  • Materials Science and Engineering C, Elsevier
  • Surface and Coatings Technology, Elsevier
  • IEEE Sensors Journal, IEEE
  • Journal of the American Ceramic Society, Wiley
  • Applied Surface Science, Elsevier
  • Journal of the European Ceramic Society, Elsevier
  • Physica B, Elsevier
  • Applied Catalysis A, Elsevier
  • Physics Letters A, Elsevier
  • Ceramics International, Elsevier
  • J. Materials Science: Materials in Electronics, Springer